Honeymoon #1 + Post Wedding Photoshoot

Let me take a moment to brush all the cobwebs that have gathered here for the lack of updates. Juggling the roles of being a new wife and handling a new career has not been easy, but I survived the first five months yeah! So on to our short 4D3N getaway to Bali. We planned Honeymoon #1 immediately after our wedding because:

(1) H’s exams were on the following weekend (boo!) hence the quick break in order to give him ample time to revise.

(2) Why not go immediately after the wedding in order to save on a staycation hotel and spend our first night in Bali 😉

(3) We had some credit with HNHM Photoworks after having to cancel their services (more here) and thought it’d be fun to have a post wedding shoot somewhere different!

We stayed at The Kunja Villa in Seminyak, which was both of our most luxurious experience ever. We were picked up by a humble driver decked in full Balinese get up, even though it was almost midnight, and didn’t have to step off the car for check in when we arrived. He led us straight to our temporary home where he settled some papers with the husband while I gawked at our enormous pool villa . Our breakfasts (all halal requested ahead of time) were prepared in front of us in the villa every morning, while afternoon tea is left by little elves who make their presence unknown as much as possible. Our first two nights in Bali were spent getting to know each other as spouses awwww hehe.

On the third day, we hired a driver from Driver Muslim Bali for approximately $50 sgd for 12 hours (including fuel and driver) and met our favourite photographer duo, Hani & Hazra for a full day photo shoot at Ubud & Uluwatu. We brought with us our evening wedding wear and also a traditional baju kebaya for myself just for the Balinese photo feel. And I have nothing but LOVE for the product!!




Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud


IMG_4362 (2)-horz_Fotor


Cliffs of Uluwatu


Till next time, lovelies!

Looking back on #aisyahxhelmi.


(Image captured by Zakaria Zainal)

It’s been past a week after our wedding, but I’m missing every single moment of it. Planning this wedding has been crazy, but I learnt that no matter how hard I try to stick to THE PLAN, the more things would go the opposite way. So with H’s love and guidance, I learnt to let go and had so much fun during the best weekend of my life. Here are some moments captured by my loved ones:

10310610_10152450374679612_52080864897001678_nWhite and blue for Nikah.

10289849_10152450388179612_2537136435585011555_nHeading to the dais area, a beautiful tentage, a last minute addition to the overall decoration. Props to Mariah and Sham for the swift response to this request!




10305056_10152450398114612_2498842265553707090_nI was so glad to have my mom surprise me outside the changing room, ready to hold my hand and accompany me on the dais :’)



10264293_10152450391204612_8309259821754896659_nMy sayangs in their lovely dresses bought here.


10313057_10152450406724612_7098617380832816537_nKurang asam, orang tengah feeling-feeling. HAHAHA.

10173757_10152450407504612_7024068937997090071_nThat moment, when it finally sunk it that I was now H’s wife.






(Credits and special thanks to Ridwan for these pictures!)

And not forgetting the awesome people of One Eye Click Live and Suzy the photobooth for these GORGEOUS PICTURES OF MY GUESTS!

10273917_659898874064374_8509432379960751446_nSempat mak/bapak pengantin ehh!!



10298779_659906194063642_7079472276583860209_nPatut lah carik-carik korang takda, kat sini rupanya. HAHAHAHAA.

10246741_659903447397250_8233849245573394670_nSuka, main-main ngan photobooth??? Next up, MOH’s wedding in June! Nyaaaaaah!


10173810_659910390729889_5098336734533037023_nHappy to see lots of familiar faces! 🙂




And lastly, some teaser pictures provided by ze photographer, Zakaria Zainal!



aisyah-helmi-preview-6Till further updates! Much love, xoxo.

Some Updates!

As I’m typing out this post, I’m juggling doing my wedding favors while finishing up my last assignment for my degree course. I just have to say, THANK GOD FOR MY HELPER ELVES. Everyday, different elves will drop by to rewang and before we know it, we’ve covered 700 pieces within 4 days! Though we’re not even half way (think BIG, THINK 1800 PIECES), I think we’re on a good pace yay! And for all my fellow student BTBs who know how I feel, it’s crazy hard to juggle wedding preps and school. To date, I still have not sent out some invitation cards (yes it’s that bad) and my room is still in a mess.

But I’m happy to say that everything is slowly coming together. Almost done with all of my DIYS; bouquet, hantaran trays, favors, sparklers for send off etc. Decided to have a fresh bouquet in hand too, and where else if not from the awesome possum Kedai Daisy! Diana is such a lovely lady, check out her work at @kedaidaisy! Ordered some headpieces and a sash from China suppliers (hahaha!) for my own outfits and they’re looking goooood! In fact, I bought my favor bags from a similar source and they all came really fast. Have to say that they are really reliable! And it’s really funny how some of my vendors are chasing me for updates. Hahaha terbalik pulak but love them all for their patience. Didn’t expect myself to be such a #relekbride but hey, terpaksa ok??

Finally, due to unforeseen circumstances, H and I were forced to switch our event photographer last month. If you’re wondering why, all I can say that this is not due to the faults or shortcomings of my previous photographer, HNHM Photoworks. This is NOT the case. In fact, they are doing very well breaking into our local industry with their most recent work being Dalillah and Fattah’s wedding! Their works can be seen through the hashtags #thedfwedding or #hnhmphotoworks. So happy for my lovely ladies, Hani (@haneimj) and Hazra (@hazrangah)! Love you ollz and see you at Tanah Lot, maybe??? 🙂

Nor is it a case where I suddenly feel like “jumping ship” and picking another vendor. And so to conclude, my photographer is now…. TAK NAK BILANG BOLEH??? I pun nak secret-secret mcm Cik Ili kita hahaha. Sesiapa yang dah tau boleh tolong tutup mulut sampai lepas 3rd May, terima kasih banyak-banyak. Till the next update!


Thirty Three More Days!

Been so uninspired lately that I couldn’t even think of a proper title to this post blearrgh. I really wish I had more time to blog, but last semester is killing me and every free time I have is spent on running errands, booking last minute items like cake hantaran etc.

Which is why I’m so grateful that MOH, Umairah, and fiance took time off to throw us a mini DIY pre wedding shoot. #brokeassbride lah katakan hahaha. But sweetest couple ever, sayang korang!


The shoot was so impromptu that we both had barely any time to prepare anything. Luckily I managed to swing by Forever 21 to get this long vest/dress thingy to throw over my jeans and a flower crown from Bugis village. Helmi just threw on his fave white shirt, suspenders and a DIY boutonniere I made that morning. A quick tutorial is available below. All you need is some extra flowers lying around, safety pin, string and hot glue!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And, as some of you may already know, I’ve been having a terrible, terrible time dealing with my wedding card vendor. Despite their minor role in whole the process itself which is merely printing since I designed most of the card and map myself. This will be a tale for another time, so I will not be disclosing their identity for now. But I’ve FINALLY received them after almost 3 weeks of delay. Sneak peek nak tak??

Aisyah Helmi Wedding Card

LOVE LOVE THEM! At least they delivered quality, despite all the fuss. But it was an experience I never ever want to repeat. FULL STOP.

There are actually so many mooooar updates, including a sudden change in vendors (a.k.a jump ship) but just so little time to type. Will find time to update soon!