Much Ado About Wedding Venues

I’ve always had this dream. An outdoor wedding, to be accompanied by lush greenery and colourful flora, serenaded by butterflies with only soft wind for music. Tentages, gazebos, picnic mats, or what have you. Club sandwiches, lemonade drank from whimsically coloured straws and an endless supply of cupcakes. Abit much no? Something along that line at least. Heh.

But in Singapore’s humid and (endless) summer weather, I’ll have relatives complaining of the hot weather, sticky wedding outfits and melanoma (for the hypochondriacs). And not to mention, my dad is not too keen on the idea.

Amidst all the other popular outdoor venues of our sunny island,

Burkhill Hall

L1020704.JPG (640×480)This is too lovely!

Fort Canning

If you’re into the royal theme, this is ala grandeur.

Berlayer Promenade at Labrador Park



For more outdoor locations, visit Outdoor Wedding Venues !

For me, I found the perfect little outdoor retreat that suited my fantasy.

Piai Plaza at Pasir Ris Park, as quoted from NParks webbie, is “surrounded by lush greenery” and has a “beautiful and unique green roof”. Safe to say, it has got a shaded area and also plenty of room to roll around on the greens.

I have to say, the rental is CHEAP. As of now, the rate is $700, including all the electricity and water needs. It is conveniently located near a bus stop (straight bus from Pasir ris MRT), though there’s a fair bit of walking needed to get to the actual venue. And there’s ample parking space (additional parking space available at Downtown East and also the new Sports Complex across the road).

Piai plaza without decor

However, my dad found the issue about elderly relatives (makciks, neneks & mak neneks) having to walk in.
AND get this. The fact that there is no air-conditioning. I mean, isn’t that the point of adopting the “Saving Gaia” notion and all?
Now now, I still hold on to the belief that in order for my future marriage to be blessed, we still have to respect our elders’ decisions and requests. I mean, seriously. I want my “happily ever after”.

And so the quest continues to reach a compromise with the old man.
I was thinking of something along the lines of an indoor yet outdoor reception. A fully air-conditioned hall, yet surrounded by greens where I can set up tentages for guests who prefer the outdoors, separated by a verandah where yours truly and the groom will happily sit. Right smack in the middle. Nyeheh.
Now, we’ll see if this place exists, shall we?

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