My Dream Venue

I’m happy to announce that I’ve found the perfect venue to hold my wedding solemnization and reception. And yes, booking’s done and deposit’s been made. I’m pretty much on cloud nine right now!!!

In my previous post about venue, I did mention that I wanted a place where there’s an air-conditioned indoor area and also an outdoor lawn area. And Gurame Restaurant at NSRCC offers me just that!

Basically they have 5 different sections, the indoor area, the verandah (picture below), two cabanas (pondok / hut-like structures), a boardwalk and a spacious lawn in the middle of everything. Plenty of space to run and frolick around yeahhh!


The verandah, which is technically indoors because above the wooden structure is covered by a clear plastic. Loving the carefree vines growing all about!


This is one of the bigger cabanas where the pelamin will be. An in-house decor company (one of the down sides since I don’t get to choose the A++ decor companies like Jentayu / Wedding Chateue/ Alchemy) will be in charge of the decor, but is fully customisable to bride/groom’s taste. Which I personally like, unlike those restaurants like Lagun Sari which have fixed dais/decor.


AAANNNDD my fave area, the boardwalk and the lawn. We’ll have a choice to the solemnization here ala western style (SO TEMPTED) or under the cabana near the dais.

Photo 25-1-13 20 57 20

I couldn’t help but adding in this picture I took from their hardcopy album. One of the decor service they provide, ribbon tiebacks on the trees leading to Gurame Restaruent itself! (This made me weak really *MELTS*)

Gurame Wedding Package Includes:

Banquet by Gurame

Service Staff

Access to All Restaurant Facilities

(incl. Partitioned Prayer Rooms (++), Changing Room (Which I checked out, ada aircon and sofa untuk rest semua. how thoughtful!)

Chiavari Chairs (i srsly don’t get the hype about these chairs tapi dah dapat amik je lah)

Shuttle Service from Tanah Merah (*FAVE)

Decor / Pelamin

Photography Package with THEME Photography (I SUKA NI)

Wedding Cards


Chalet / Hotel Stay (All of which can be exchangeable for other topups)

Personally, I think that this package is amazing and reasonably priced for the items and services you get with it. AND WITH THAT, my wedding venue has been booked!!! Alhamdulillah, another less burden to think about, especially when the package come with decor sekali.

Next up, bridal and videographer! Decisions, decisons…

UPDATE: Any further enquires, please email me directly here at Thank you! 🙂


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  2. Nyra Munirah

    Salams, thabk you for all the great info and pictures. Look beautiful.. can u email me the quotation. . Thinking of doing my wed there too..

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