When You’re Spoiled For Choices – Photography Series

Sometimes when I’m presented with so many ideas and options, I can’t seem to keep track of everything. So to untangle the mess in my head, I’ve decided to pour out all options onto a Lino!


I love how I can keep on piling post-its onto this handy noticeboard when I can visualise everything in front of me. Yes, I’m visual like that. Plus, it’s really convenient! Everything I need, sample pictures from different companies, quotations and even their FB links are all a click away. You can even colour code post-its and categorise them into tags! So neat! To me, it seriously beats having a restrictive excel sheet (don’t know how to use it for nuts).

So here’s a closer look at the Photography section:


I listed out all the companies I was considering, even HNHM Photoworks which is based in JB but they have two lovely muslimah photographers, a big reason why I was considering them in the first place. Do check them out! Their rates are affordable and their services are very flexible πŸ™‚

But in the end, I’ve narrowed my scope down to the three big companies, An Analog Affair, TheProjectPixel and StudioDua with three equally talented and distinguished master photographers Fadly, Shukri and Fandy respectively. But of course, with such talent and quality comes a price. However, it’s a price I’m willing to fork out because no matter how crappy your decor turns out, or how much you hate your makeup, at the end of the day, if your pictures turn out to be beautiful, then it kind of makes everything else worthwhile (macam sejuk gitu hati kan).

But I’m not trying to say that you can get crappy vendors. The point I’m bringing forth is that photography is one of the areas where I’m willing to splurge on, because it leaves the most lasting effect. And when else would I get to be all pretty and pose in front a camera? Heh. Unless I’m a model that is (but my size 10 hourglass figure begs to differ).

It was such a meticulous process of narrowing which style suits me the best. Each company has it own strengths and it’s very hard to search for a weakness (apart from the price). I love how Fandy from StudioDua gives an exclusive “celebrity” feel to his pictures and his editing is so distinct that you’ll know it’s his work. And the watermark at the corner of every picture he takes macam cool gitu. Hahaha okay I’m being superficial.


Dah lah jangan harap dapat photoshoot kat New York. But you get what I mean.

But a huge downside here is if you want Fandy take your picture, there’s topup of $500. Like $500?? I know I said I’m willing to splurge, but to put a price tag on his service like that?

On to TheProjectPixel, I love how their pictures have that vintage, faded appeal but yet, maintains it sharpness and colour! And it’s really interesting how they try to capture every moment and detail of your ceremony into one picture collage:

ImageNi baru a picture speaks a thousand words. There’s so many pretty things to look at in this picture can. No wonder they couldn’t choose just one.


Just had to share this. I really really love the extra heart details!

And TheProjectPixel covered FizaO and KC’s wedding recently! Though they’ve been pretty hush-hush about the pictures they took, here’s one of their “Save The Date”:


Alahai sweet nyer. Nak jugak!

But collectively, though I do find the faded/vintage appeal incredibly tempting because of its edginess and plus it’s “cool” right now, for that same reason, I’m not too keen on taking up a company that offers this kind of dated look. Personally, I do prefer my pictures to have a timeless quality, so that twenty years down the road, I wouldn’t want to look back at my pictures and think, “What was I thinking?!”. Plus, I love a clean and crisp look on my pictures, and I think An Analog Affair does just that.



I love how Fadly is able to play around with the focus and perspective.




Clearly, my heart has been won over. For now, I’m just waiting for a quotation from Fadly and I’m pretty much set on booking him πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Quotation for An Analog Affair: $2600 with photobook, $2100 without.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had to go through such a painstaking process to finally decide on one photographer. So to all you BTBs out there, I’ll leave you a quote that I found on Fadly’s blog:

β€œWould you trust forever to just anyone?”



  1. dawnonthedeck

    Hello hello! πŸ˜€ That Lino website is such an amazing idea! It reminds me of wall wisher too. And good luck with choosing your photographer! You should check out Bliss Photocinema also. They have some awesome photos πŸ™‚

  2. eleventhoctober14

    Hello πŸ™‚ Just happen to prance around online and found your blog through some links (though I seriously lupa whose blog I jumped from haha I blame it on my banyak sangat stalking).

    Anyway that thing you do (the lino thing) is so cool! And please eh, don’t hate on the Excel…LOL (protective maut).

    I’m also a very visual person so I use something similar to what you’re using..just very scrapbook-ish instead. Yours is akin to mind maps..I think. haha.

    Anyway, you’re a 2014 bride too! Yay to that πŸ™‚ And you’re so going into my bridal roll, if you don’t mind me linking you up for my future stalking. HAHA

    • isyaemika

      Yep I’m going more for the mindmap approach, scrapbooking takes abit too much effort I find, but very visually appealing of course! πŸ™‚ And Excel always make me mabuk, too many boxes so I tak faham. Not hating, just kind of neutrally distancing myself. Heh.

      AWW yes I’d be honoured to go on your bridal roll a.k.a a cool wall of fame thingy. Best nyaaa hehe. I’ll link you back once I’ve figured out how πŸ˜‰

  3. Aidah Mukthar

    I bloghopped from kahwin khronicles and chanced upon your site. I’m going to be very tak tau malu here and say, “that’s me!” in one of your pictures.

    likewise, I took Fad for my photog for my wedding last September. I’m the (basi) bride with the pink bridesmaids and flowers. My brother and sil’s pictures are below that. We love Fad and his works and he has become more of a friend than a vendor. You sure made the right choice!

    Have fun planning the rest of the wedding because it will definitely be missed! πŸ™‚

    • isyaemika

      i really love your picture that’s why!! why so lawa?? your bouquets, bridesmaids semua omagawwwd. it’s one of the reasons why i love fad’s work πŸ™‚

      i’ve just met him the other day, and he’s really nice! so we’ll see about cos i’m still considering other options. maklumlah, once in a lifetime thing so kena cerewet sikit.

      anyways thanks for the well wish! i’m gonna enjoy the next 21months as much as possible hehhhh

  4. Nadiah

    babe! Im having buyers remorse after looking through your pix. I may just say bye bye to my 500 and sign up with project pixel. But just wondering, how much did they quote you?

    • isyaemika

      you’ve signed up with which company? their rate at that time was $1800 babe but that was months ago! but if you do go for them, I really recommend Halil as your photographer, coz he’s one of those quiet, behind-the-scenes guy who produces great photographs πŸ™‚

      • Nadiah

        I signed with dvine shots, have enquired with both pixel and studiodua and bliss too cos i love the pix from all 3. Since I was already prepared to part with 3k for ks which my mom has finally agreed to use, part with 500 for my dream photog pun can haha. thanks dear. Hopefully i can engage one at this last min -_-

      • Nadiah

        Yup! Waiting for them. Was looking at Pink Elephant too and theyre works is good too and theyre available!!But will check the pricing all then make my choice. This time must pick betol2.. Im no more dont care btb haha..

      • isyaemika

        how about pixareuz? and kierra roxanne? both seem to have a similar style to what you’re looking for

      • Nadiah

        I did email pixareuz last time and went with ds cos I was worried abt budget. Have emailed them again lo.. Kierra Roxanne also not bad. My problem is when I request quotes from many vendors and then choose 1, dont know how to tell the rest. Wanna tell my moms choice decor lady we choose another pun susah lol

      • Nadiah

        hahaha…I somehow like pink elephant. both bliss, pink e and kiera r replied and sent quotations but Im leaning towards bliss even though it costs more. Haha…now to wait for studiodua and pixel now.

      • isyaemika

        studiodua’s package is way more expensive than the rest. it’s on par with ananologaffair and zakaria zainal. and there’s a lot of add-ons, but you be the judge ok πŸ™‚

      • Nadiah

        thanks dear…im leaning towards bliss right now cos its wayyy beneath my budget and since me n fiancee sharing not so adoi. Im like 99.9 percent with Bliss scheduled an appointment with them on Tuesday yay but if Proj Pixel has smthn nicer I mayyyyy just change mind.

        Exciting right the countdown to the wedding. Ever since I signed with Kasai I’ve been hyper and over the moon, Now i just have my weight drama to deal with and oh yeah..deciding which hotel to stay in after the event lol. But thats just tooo weird to mention to my mom..haha. Been telling myself to focus on nie but failing badly lol!

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