Divine shoots?

Yes, I’m still at it. Still in the midst of searching for my ideal photographer, endlessly harassing some of my candidates with question after question & meeting up with each and every one of them until I’m pretty sure word has leaked out that an insanely fickle nit-pick is prowling around looking for prey. Heh.

And it doesn’t help that when I skedaddling through fb the other day, I saw this set of pictures from D’Shootz Photography.

I must say, I was impressed.

Apparently it’s from the all new “:TWO::A Cinematic Portraiture: ” by Fudge, their resident (female, for those who have a preference) photographer (who was once kind enough to layan me when I was surveying for a photographer for my engagement).

I love everything about these photos!

D’Shootz is known for their reasonably priced packages, especially the photo+video combo (for just $2500, whuuut???) that was all the rage a few months ago. Their photos has always been pretty alright to me, but these kind of sets them on the playing field, perhaps? We’ll see 🙂

Cheers to more awesome local talent!!!


    • isyaemika

      it’s refreshing to see some competition in this industry instead of only the big names! hopefully we’ll see more of this in the future 🙂

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