Vendors Updated!

Two down, a few more to go! This two choices were fairly easy for me so it didn’t take me long to decide on them.

I’ve always known that Weddingku Gallery has their niche in Muslimah brides, and their hijab styles are really nice and well, senonoh. Some of the companies I’ve seen so far (no mentioning names), kesian kawan-kawan I, bayar mahal-mahal, pakaikan hijab sampai tepi telinga semua nampak. So unflattering to the face shape! Not to mention mendedahkan orang tu punya aurat.

And Weddingku’s sanggul all look nice with hijab! I like.


 And I really abhor those headstrong mak andams who insist on their own makeup style! But alhamdulillah, the mak andam I’m comfortable with , Kak Nur, who is a really nice lady, assured me that she will customise my actual day makeup to suit what I like.



As for videography, I’ve always known it’s one aspect I don’t want to splurge on. And coincidentally, the principal photographer at OnceUponImages, Raihan, happens to be an old friend! Please visit their site, it’s so fairytale-like and very apt with the company name!

Oh, and they’re having a promotion with their actual wedding day photography; sign up and get a free pre-wedding shoot! Such a great deal!


    • isyaemika

      No problem Raihan! Great talent should be recognised and shared.. Looking forward to working with you 🙂

  1. Ramizah

    Salam… can i know where you view the muslimah photos from weddingku? I cant seem to find much in theirr fb.. ade yang tak pakai tudung je..

    • isyaemika

      hmm yeah for some reason their recent brides banyak tak pakai tudung heh. anyways i scrolled through their timeline album… all the way. hope you find them 🙂

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