Inspiration: A “Not Too Shabby” Chic

Shabby chic is “a form of design of furniture are either chosen for their appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasised to differentiate it from genuine period decor.”

It’s all about the cozy romantic feel, paying close attention to details like lace and tea-stained doilies, colours like pink, peach, ivory and grey mixed with natural woods and a rustic touch… I LIKE!!!


The hanging tea lights offers that extra romantic effect. Another case of “lawa tapi leceh”. Nak DIY tapi kesampaian ke tak ehh??


Details, details… even the cookies are vintage and shabby-licous!

mini-desserts-gallery shabby-chic-wedding-4

Sometimes I wonder how these mak sallehs kuasa to zoom down to such small details, and some of them even DIY their entire decor. Kudos to them!! Here we can only dream of these novelties because most often than not, we are overshadowed by pepatah Mak-mak kita: “Orang datang nak tengok pengantin, bukan nak tengok decorations!!”

EH, dunia sekarang dah lain okay!!!! Jom kita prove all the makciks wrong! Buat decor lawa-lawa biar dorang tercenggang. Heh.

Okay back to  assignments. Till next time lovelies!


  1. thepeningpengantin

    Orang mat salleh venue kalau park and garden free. My relative got married in a barn and it was already shabby chic. Anddd, their guests kalau 500 tu da kira berlambak! Kita standard 500-1500 and usually kat void deck how to compete?
    Kalau buat cookies camtu mata kero and fingers tanggal seh confirm! Hahaha

    • isyaemika

      best nya free. kits punya, apa-apa pun kena keluar duit. lagi everything kena times 1000-2000pax. pffffft.

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