#throwback: Engagement Dress

I know ni bukan Instagram nak main #throwback-throwback gini but I just realised my engagement album doesn’t really have a full view of my dress. So just in case any of you are wondering how it looks like (if you’re not wondering then ignore this post heh), here it is:

Photo 28-3-13 8 11 37 PM

This was taken when I was having a fitting at the tailor, Lagenda Boutique at Angsana. Price-wise, I spent RM350 (without materials) on tailoring, but the quality I got was exquisite and worth well beyond the price.

Design-wise, I was attracted to the lace fitted top and flawy satiny skirts I see a lot in Malaysian boutiques:, something like this:

225571_612543282096099_2035748010_n 1877_612542182096209_1398044501_n

Credits to Annas Easkey for the picture,

Designer: Lynda Rahim.

Again, you get this kind of quality design and ideas #onlyinmalaysia. *SIGHHH*


  1. bridebarista

    I love your engagement dress! do you mind if I save the pic of your baju? so I can show my mum what I want for my baju raya this year hehe.

    my mum suggested going to JB to have our baju raya tailored for this year. you have any places in JB to recommend tak, babe?

    • isyaemika

      sure babe! well, if you’re on a budget, there’s always Larkin! but Angsana has a lot of mid range tailors also. my tailor at Lagenda charges around RM100-150 for a standard baju kurung/kebaya. do consider 🙂

  2. effa

    Where you get inspiration for lace top baju melayu? Tried to google but cant seem to find that catches my eye.

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