Not Fruit Juice… But Fruit Water?

In addition to your current exercise routines to lose all the flabs before your big day, I thought I’d share this interesting fact from 45 Minutes Skinny.


“TIP: add these to your water bottle in the morning and drink an hour later. Do NOT let fruit sit in the water for more than 48 hours.

(1) Orange & Lemon water: Citrus fruits help digestion especially in room temp (or warm) water. This water can help heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting & constipation.

(2) Cucumber, lime & mint (ginger optional): Good water for water-weight management, hydration, cleansing, controlling appetite, improving mood & energy.

(3) Lemon, orange and lime water: Same benefits as number one.

(4) Strawberry, orange & mint water: protects immune system, vitamin rich, prevents wrinkles. Remember mint also helps with bad breath and digestion. Hydration is just as important as the food you eat daily – water helps spread nutrients from food throughout your body.”

Sounds pretty awesome!!! I’m soooo gonna try. Any other quick weight loss tips that my fellow BTBs prescribe to? Do share! 🙂


  1. pengantinpelik

    I stopped drinking anything with sugar, or in other words, drank plain water all the way. Around the same time I also avoided rice and anything rich in carbohydrates as much as I could (like I would eat rice once every few days instead of everyday). Lost 6 kilos within a little over 2 months. But I also exercised a bit lah at the same time. But be careful; I got hospitalised for DKA (you can google that) at the end of that period of time. I’m not saying my diet caused it (doctors and the nutritionist told me it can’t be caused by what or how you ate) but just a word of caution to take it slow, like maybe just reduce portions instead of entirely eliminating carbohydrates.

    • isyaemika

      Hmm, I do something similar babe. But instead of eating rice, I depend on bread, noodles (bi hoon) and pasta (whole meal). There’s a real difference if you don’t eat rice!!

      PS: I hope all’s well with you now 🙂

    • isyaemika

      hahahaa takpelah nak kurus punye pasal. anyways congrats on losing so much weight babe!! any other secret maha secrets??

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