When It’s Cheaper Across The Causeway: Tentage

So I just came back from a majlis Aqiqah/cukur rambut for my niece. My cousin (the daddy) lives in JB with his family so they held the majlis at their property. Upon arriving, I was truly impressed by the canvas tentage propped in the compound of the house, siap ngan kerusi meja and simple decor.

Of course I had to find out how much it had to cost (bukan nya nak tengok the cute niece tau, sibuk nak tanya orang pasal tentage heh) so I asked my aunt about it. Terperanjat beruk when I heard she only spent RM320 on the tentage, tables/chairs, buffet table, lights and fans, all with installation service.

No wonder Malaysians can do up lovely events, tak kira kahwin or not, because everything’s so blardy cheap there!!! Like the Majlis Aqiqah below:

ImagePhoto credits to The Kliker

Haizzzz sugguh tak aci.  Here, you’re lucky if you can get a tentage for under $2k. And fan units can go up to $30 per piece, apa lagi kerusi meja. Oh, on a completely unrelated note, another one of my M’sian cousin’s getting married in June and I flipped when I heard she hasn’t booked her actual day photography yet. She even said, “Alah, chill je masih siang kot.” MASIH SIANG YOU SAY?? Best perrrrr boleh chill gini. Pfffft.

Kdah enough of the ranting, and let’s enjoy the sight of three yummy baby nieces / nephew I met earlier.ImageCute kan? Must be in the genes hehhhhhh.


  1. Min

    My KL cousin getting married in June and she only started booking things 6 months before! Maybe she’s not very fussy la. And the tentage at JB is nicer and cheaper!

    • isyaemika

      Yes agreed! I love the fact that, if you suddenly decide to get married impromptu in Msia, you still have loads of options. As opposed to SG, you’d have to settle for something you don’t like, dah jadi tak senonoh gitu

  2. pengantinpelik

    It’s a bigger country with bigger pool of talent. So lots of businesses and competition, hence competetive pricing too. Unlike in Singapore, where those who are talented are in somewhat limited supply, so they know they’re in demand and they dare to jack up prices as they know they won’t be short of customers. Plus, cost of living here is much higher. The vendors pun cari makan, and have to pay their staff reasonably.

    Plus, pardon me for saying this, but since we are such a small community, people here are more concerned about ‘face’ and appearances? Like we want the best of everything and to appear better than others. That contributes to the ‘book two years in advance’ trend. But if we chose to ‘opt out’ of such social competitiong, it wouldn’t be so pressurising.

    • isyaemika

      It’s all about the sample size. There’s so little of us and everyone wants to be better than everyone else. Susah cam gini, it’s going to be never-ending. But I’m pleased to see more and more new companies propping up, be it photography services or wedding cakes. It’s nice to see fresh new faces 🙂

  3. chasethebride

    eh best nye! kalau kite nak tentage worth of $320, i rase we can only get it at the size of a push cart. if only our SOL here isn’t that high, i’m sure our local vendors would be able to charge about the same price too eh.

      • Diyanah

        mine is 2500-3500 i think with everything like generator, fan and all. cause my dad’s friend didn’t quote me a fixed price. hahahahaa, that’s just my agaration.

      • isyaemika

        Eh tu da kira muraah babe! Mind sharing the contact? I’m looking for a cheap and reliable one seyyy

  4. eleventhoctober

    Sudah…cukup cukup sudah, cukup sampai disini saja….l.

    I memang depressed sangat bila get info on the cost of kahwing kahwing over there….oh well, grass is always greener on the other side ey

    • isyaemika

      I pun, dalam hati frussst je. My aunt offered to have my wedding reception at her place in JB. Hahahaaa. Dalam card kahwin kena remind orang, sila bawak passport yeeee

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