Amidst Examinations

Hello BTBs! Haven’t been updating much since I’m in the midst of exam preps for next weekkk, gasp. I swear I’ve been like a katak bawah tempurung, holed up in my room trying to cram as much info into my head as possible. But the boy kidnapped me for a few hours so that we could have dinner and talk. *cue AWWWWW cepat!!*

Photo 20-4-13 20 23 26The mandatory “naik escalator kena amik gambar” pose. Plus he wanted to show off his new specs. Cheyy.

Actually I ni sesaje je nak update for fun, dah lama tak blog. Let off steam lah kata kan. But jangan disangka senyap, I’m not updated pasal you all okay! I still do my stalking tau, dengan satu cakap pasal Brazillian waxing lah, yang lagi satu pulak panic pasal the mat nak masuk minang lah… Macam-macam! But keep it coming okayyy. Walaupun jauh, masih dekat di hati. Aiseymannn!


  1. pengantinpelik

    All the best for your examinations! Treasure the moment, before you know it you’d enter working life and you’d wish you could go back to studying! (If you’re like me lah.) And and and, macam terasa pulak awak cakap pasal kita.. heheh.

    • isyaemika

      Haha! I’m living, breathing, enjoying student life as long as I can!! Tinggal one more year only nooooooo. But hehehe srsly cool or what pergi waxing. I’m a pain-aphobe, so jangan harap lah ey

  2. eleventhoctober

    Ah tu ah dia, macam sindir jer hahahahah!

    Anyway, good luck for your exams, in a months time it’ll be my turn cramming every detail of info into my head for my june exams! So good luck with yours and hopefully you can pass the baton of study mojo to me once you’re done!

    • isyaemika

      Exam apa tu, in June? Hahaha kepo ehh!! Of course I would be more than happy to pass on the mojo, jojo and whatever else that comes with it 😉

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