The Thing About Outdoor Weddings

It’s the tentage issue. As mentioned before here, my dad wants the lawn area of Gurame to be covered by tentage in case it rains or gets too hot. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary as there’s more than enough covered areas like the indoor restaurant, the two cabanas and also the verandah. But if it gives him the peace of mind then why not lah kan. Plus he’s paying for it hahahaa.

And because Gurame is practically adjacent to the Changi Coast, I berangan lah wishing my tentage area will look like this:

ImageOr if I were to incorporate my soft spot for fairy lights as mentioned here, then it would look like this:


Sighh. Kalau anak datuk takpa, dah dapat tent dah bagus.

So actually I ni longwinded sikit, the problem for me is the difficulty in getting a vendor to do up my tent!!! I don’t know whether it’s just me, or whether they donch like the venue, but I swear I’ve contacted sooooo many companies, like Lian Yick, Hiap Yick, Hup Chung, Hup Seng, etc etc. All of them either don’t reply to my emails, and when I call them up, they tell me they need a few days to craft up a quotation and then, they don’t call back. Am I doing something wrong here?? Help you gaiseeeee. Anyone with contacts of reliable vendors?


      • shahirrrah

        Hahaha!! Nanti they deliver biskut byk2 boleh buat favours LOL!
        I haven got to the stage abt tentage yet but i pernah tanya my decor ppl and they said to discuss with my caterer abt it. U can try asking Gurame?

  1. Farhana

    Hello! Have you tried contacting Kosin Pte Ltd? My company have used them previously and they were quite good. Ask for tentage lining as well so that you have that nice neat effect rather than the metal rods. They can get quite busy but you could give them a call/drop an email? Website: I hope that helps!

  2. Dyan

    it’s normal babe!
    i use to email a lot of tentage companies for work previously and they all took their own sweet time to reply me. for some weird reasons. But just bug them!

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