Lagi satu lah!

So a friend of mine, Idah, requested a red rose bouquet with pearls for her wedding this May. This time, I used artificial red velvet roses (mcm cupcake pulak) and I bought the pearls at Golden Dragon at People Park Centre, thanks to the tip from the DIY chifu Pretty Orkid! Tahu je tau lobang-lobang nak beli all these craft materials heh.

Okay, back to the story. I was ready to complete the classic bouquet look with a simplistic off-white satin material when Idah told me she wanted black ribbon on the off-white base on the stalk. Talk about colour clash! I was like, “Eh diek ni betul ke tak ni. Gothic per”. Sakit mataku memandang, as I was paying for the black ribbon. But I told myself, the pengantin will get what she wants if it makes her happy. So I added the black ribbon with a french braid pattern I learnt here, and VOILA! Works pulak!! I swear Idah has great taste! So here it is…

Photo 30-4-13 3 19 25I found it really interesting how black somehow works with the off-white to compliment the blood red roses. Lesson learnt: step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes being BOLD is the way to go!


    • isyaemika

      hehe takya email-email lahhh. i got the flowers from The Verve, one of the floors sells just artificial flowers but I forgot which shop I bought from though. but they’re all the same lah! kalau you pergi sana confirm mabuk hahaa

  1. Ribbons and Bows

    jambus sey!! apparently Idah is my friend! i saw her IG abt this flowers… wahhh cant to wait to see her holding ur flowers when I go for her wedding la hehehe. eh nak kepo juga mana dpt materials eh? mana tahu lepas kahwin i da stay at home wife ke goyang kaki.. hahahaha

    • isyaemika

      eh small world!! and she IG-ed abt the flowers?? alah paiseh nyaaa. haha! anyways I got them at The Verve, it’s a shopping centre near Little India. i forget which shop/floor but it’ll be quite obvious, because all the shops on the floor sells artificial flowers

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