“Benda Baik Jangan Ditangguhkan”

I’m sure some of you might have noticed, I haven’t been updating / booking any vendors for a while now. Honestly, the disruptions to the planning were caused by the reviewing of our wedding date. And so after countless discussions with the parents and H, we have decided to move up our wedding. Mesti you all pikir, mak ai minah ni tak sabar sangat ke nak kahwin???

Being 22, I’m in no rush to get married, yet I’m open to the idea. On the other hand, H has always wanted the wedding to be in 2013 (blame the seven year age gap) and he did mentioned it ย when he proposed. But when H surfaced the idea to my dad when he came over to ask for my hand in marriage, my dad ย told him that it’s better to wait till after I graduate next year in June. Hence, our initial wedding date in November 2014, after I got my first job and was pretty much settled into my career.

However, things change, and my dad started to reconsider certain aspects, like if H is stable enough to support a poor undergrad like me, then why not? Plus, my dad is still considering to take up an overseas assignment, so another man in the household might be good for our family. But all parties merely agreeing to the idea was not good enough. The vision of a December 2013 wedding was not meant to be when both our caterers clashed and had no dates that synchronised with each other. The next available dates that H’s caterer, Cik Anis (family business) and Decorama (their partner for decor) could offer were in Feb, May or June 2014. ย February would mean the wedding would be held in the middle of classes during the semester, which personally I didn’t mind but H was against it. June was the next best thing, but the only date available was the last week of June, and the following week would be the fasting month which means no honeymoon till November bleaarrggghhhh.

So finally, we agreed on May which is just nice because I would’ve just finished my final exams (hahaha lepas exam terus kahwin tak tau sabar betul ni budak) and we still have time to go on our honeymoon before the fasting month! Plus, H’s sister aka the SIL would also have just finished her confinement period after her birth insya’allah so the planning wouldn’t be too hard on the MIL. Don’t you just love it when things work for everyone?? Weeeeee.

So yes. I’m happy to announce that my wedding date has been brought forward to 3rd May (nikah and girl’s side reception) and 4th May 2014 (guy’s side reception)! Dengar tak kakak-kakak kahwings? Yes, you may adjust your bridal roll order now if applicable, ehem ehem, and sorry lah kalau I dah langkah bendul siapa-siapa tapi faham-faham sikit lah okay. Hehhhhh. And yessss now my planning has to be brought up to speed by X10000000000 lah please.


    • isyaemika

      alhamdulillah babe all my vendors are available on that date. which is quite a miracle actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. sheerah

    hahahah! ishh, dah lah, im 20 ๐Ÿ™‚ we’re act planning on getting married next yr or early 2015.. but my parents wanna see how im coping with my studies dulu, i is sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. faezahaziz

    Woot woot! Cant wait babe, happy for u!! Bende gini kalau boleh pun cepat cepat bagus ๐Ÿ˜‰ insyaAllah all will go well as planned :))

    • isyaemika

      eja is that you??? haloooo, yes yes save the date so you can recee Gurame for your turn pulak teeheeee

  3. faezahaziz

    Babe yes its me. Haha.. alaa farhan’s side tak jadi la buat at Gurame i think. So hard bila satu satu have different views n ideas =/ but anw gurame is such a pretty place! The view is just wow.

    • isyaemika

      hate it when that happens ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the same thing happened when mine and Helmi’s family were trying to reschedule another date but alhamdulillah all’s resolved. so has farhan decided where to hold his side punya reception?

      • faezahaziz

        Alhamdulillah good for you babe :)) and nope, i think they are still considering their options

      • Afidah

        haha! we wanted september 2013 cos its his birthday month. so senang mah. tak payah kasi present. can just wrap myself with ribbons je.. haha! but his family ckp they don’t believe in cepat cepat kan masa tunang.. sighs. the woes of getting a very traditional in laws. hahahaha.

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