Baby Blues

H has always been dropping subtle (but clearly not subtle enough) hints about his love for kids and eventually having them, even when we were first courting. He’d plan out his future plans, and always referred to how he’d set aside for their university tuition fees and how he’d want them to turn out. Then, gradually the phrases became “our kids”, and it warmed my heart to know that I was part of the equation.

But we’ve never really talked about our plans for children, till about recently he brought it up quite blatantly when we were discussing our honeymoon:

Me: Because of Umairah’s (maid of honour, who will be getting married a month after us) wedding in mid June, we don’t have much time to go for honeymoon. Pergi December nak?

H: Abih kalau you pregnant macam mana?

Me: [dengan mata terbeliak, mulut terngangam air liur meleleh semua] You want kids THAT early ah??

Quite simply put, he wants kids right away. GULP. I definitely know that they were going to be part of my future, but I’ve always thought of practicing extra “precautions” and living a honeymoon life for a few years (okay maybe just one) before deciding to have kids. But knowing H, who has never asked me for anything knowing he had it or could work towards it, it must have taken a big chunk out of him to bring the topic up. So I took a step back and reconsidered. Because I knew that, in all cheesiness, for the boy who has given me nothing but all the care, attention and love a fiance could ever need, and more, the least I could do for him was to surrender my ovaries and carry out my duty as a vessel of reproduction, however early he wants it. Atas nama cintaaaaa. And plus, macam best ada “mini-me” boleh main-main camwhore and boleh buat bahan gambar Instagram. Confirm banyak likes punya kan kan?? Wakakaka.

My only condition was to hold it off till after out honeymoon in mid June, but this is mostly because H has strong values against travelling while being pregnant. I did ask him what would happen if I did get pregnant right away (ala-ala bunting pelamin i think that’s what it’s called?), and with all nonchalance he said:

H: Kalau you pregnant, we cancel our honeymoon okay.

Me: What! Abih kalau tengah-tengah Europe jugak we find out about the news?? Macam mana?

H: Kita balik okay?


No kidding, strong values betul dengan berakar-umbi punya. That, and my mom’s endless drilling about how “anak pertama kene jaga betul-betul. Apa-apa boleh terjadi…”. So memandangkan one month and a half is a LONG time, and I don’t want to have to balik halfway, I shall brainstorm ways on how to keep the baby bells at bay, at least until our hornymoon starts that is. Eh gatal sia. Hahahahaa.


    • isyaemika

      haha he’s not strict! more like the opposite, i always get my way around things hehe. just that some things he really believe in.. so i’m respecting them 🙂

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