First Night

All your life, you’ve been protecting and saving yourself for your dream man. And when that night comes, the climax builds and you’re ready to present yourself to the other half and so you spend the hot and steamy night…

At home. In your bedroom. Where your siblings/parents/grandparents/pets/even neighbours are literally a wall and a door away. And when you wake up to make breakfast in bed for your husband, you open the door to see your entire family eating at the dining table. Out of politeness, your dad asks you, “How was your night?” AWKWARD. Hahahaa.

So after our last reception on H’s side, we are definitely spending our special night away from home. But we’re not planning to go lavish lah, since we’re going to check in late anyway, since the reception ends at 6pm. Studio M Hotel seems to fit just right into our budget. Plus I love the loft concept of their rooms!



According to their website:

“Enjoy a sense of elevated living and privacy in your bedroom on the mezzanine with a dedicated work and living space on the lower level.”

Best perrrr! A room is usually split into two levels, with the top floor called a mezzanine, where the bed usually is, macam a private sanctuary of your own to enjoy each other’s company. And can tabur rose petals on the stairs, tweak the lighting, kasi atmosphere sikit. Romantic kannn!!

And one of the best things about this hotel is location. Some of the rooms also overlook Clarke Quay, and the view can be enjoyed through the the ceiling high clear glass.

Exe Loft

Jangan susah payah dah book, nanti menses. Hahaha.


  1. Min

    I been there before. They really know how to make use of the limited space. Some of the things have two functions. Like sofa can also be used as bed and etc. Haha can’t remember la. Very cosy! Anyway I expect my menses to be during my honeymoon also just don’t know which time of the honeymoon. Haha.

  2. dijahfaizal29

    This is a very good idea and the hotel look so lovely…esp coz im not honeymooning immediately…but I doubt my parents are agreeable to that coz I remembered my sis wedding 2 years ago morning tu kita masih kemas rumah esp the extra berkat… maybe I should just give it a shot and ask the htb if he liked the idea…

  3. Nadiah

    The room is lovely, and the bed super comfy hehe…Butttt, i find their toilets (seperated) too the small. its smaller that nie toilets. Thats the only downside I feel. I personally love bathrooms with bathtub etc. Try carlton city, the new one. Looks pretty nice and reasonable too. And check out Hotel Clover also, got room with private jacuzzi lol..and their bathroom is HUUUGEEE..macam 6 nie toilet combined punye size. Me and my friends were ooohin g and ahhing when we saw it.

    Lol, my nikah is on fri then event on sat so our big night is sat, he is super adamant on getting hotel. Agreed its just too weird to get it on with parents sleeping just next door. Or can just soundproof the room lol!

    • isyaemika

      soundproof!! tak dengar maka tak ada eh?? hahaha. it’s just… weird la! like what if you both need to use the toilet in the middle of the night (mine’s not the master bedroom), must go to the kitchen semua sekali bertembung with family members. wah malu sey

      • Nadiah

        Yeahh u have a point there. Bt I thnk gettin a hotel wld be good. 1st night so must be special and just u guys minus parents knocking at night to ask things etc. Then after that cabot for honeymoon.

  4. eleventhoctober

    Ooh ive been to studio m. Nice. And memang i plan to have first night somewhere…else too! Tak boleh lah sama bumbung hahahahha

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