Kursus Kahwin Checked!

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So H and I attended Suchi Success’s Kasih Sejati marriage course last weekend, together with the MOH, Umairah, and her fiance ,Hafiz. Truthfully, I love that our weddings are only a month apart; because you’ll know there’s always that one girlfriend that totally gets what you’re going through, and give opinions honestly, only because she’s going through the same thing herself. And it’s helpful to have each other to remind ourselves of the tasks we need to complete before the wedding. Including ticking off things off our bucket list like traveling to Japan to see sakuras which we did together earlier this year weeeee. AND when we were seated in our rows, pusing kiri sekali terjumpa BTB cik adik manis Shahera Shaila pulak. Hello hello! Hehe.

Okay back to the kursus. Haha. All three trainers, Ustaz Khair, Ustaz Abdul Jalil and Puan Suriati were effectively influential speakers who were generous in sharing each of their “on the field” experiences with us, which I thought was really useful. One of the most shocking (and disturbing) facts I learnt from them was when three years back, the top reason for marriages to end in divorces in Singapore was due to financial issues, this year the top reason is now infidelity and the presence of a third party in the marriage. Can you believe it. Jauhkan pleeeease.

The programme itself was strategically divided and arranged to three stages; pre-wedding, the wedding itself, and three years after (which is apparently the most trying period). Bila dah petang-petang sikit, start ngantuk please, tapi kena topic macam gini:

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Terus terbangun you. If you know what I mean. Hahahaa. There were other activities that involved our active participation and discussion, so when I thought I could just relek one corner, I was wrong okay. Game twister pun ada, but nasib ni only the boys kene main hahaha.

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You see that boy yang kena balance on one leg and bau ketiak orang? Yes, that’s H. Hahaha!! Actually dia tak kesian sangat lah because actually there’s another mamat bawah ketiak H, which explains why that mamat doesn’t show up in this picture. Tunang sape ntah. HAHA.

What I loved the most about this course is that we were provided this little handbook as a guide throughout the course, but not only that, it was where we had to write our deepest, darkest thoughts and then exchange with our partners for them to read. Can you imagine the horror, the first time the speaker told us to exchange our books, I just finished writing out all of H’s qualities that I, ehem, don’t quite like. “Part ni awak semua jaga-jaga eh, steam confirm keluar dari telinga punya”, were the wise words of Ustaz Khair. WHICH IT DID OKAY, after I read what H wrote about me, but terus cair when I saw this scribbled at the bottom of the page:

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Truce ke pe bang?? Wahaha.

But with this technique, I found that I learnt more about him then I would ever know, his preferences, what he disliked and what annoys him the most about me, all these priceless information that I could not have possibly learnt even if we dated for 10 years before that. I also learnt that there is no perfect relationship, that in reality, those who are successful actually work real hard to make things happen, knowing your duties and responsibilities as a spouse, and to be the best partner for each other. CHEYYY okay lah I won’t bore you with any more nitty gritty details so if you alls nak tau, sign up okay. Kakak highly recommend course ni.

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And of course sebelum balik kena amik groupie picture dengan the proud owners of Suchi Success!! Kudos to them for surviving more than 20 years of marriage themselves okay woot wooot!


Oh and look at the goodies that arrived in the mail today! Yummehhhhh. Who wants to guess what I’m up to next?? 🙂


      • pengantinpelik

        Yayyyyy I got the right answer first! Dapat prize tak? Heheheh… Anyway, are those flowers with rectangular ‘petals’ part of a chain belt or necklace? You’re going to take them apart? And you ordered these with direct shipping from Forever 21 or via a third party shipping service like comGateway?

      • isyaemika

        Prize eh?? Nak a big fat kiss from mehh MUAAAAACKS!! Hahaha. They are actually a mixture of earrings, necklaces and brooches. Gonna take them apart to make individual flowers. And nope I didn’t get them from F21 even though the tag says so hehhh. Got them off eBay from China sellers for 1-3dollars each (the necklace was more expensive, like 8 dollars I think) with free shipping so it’s “imitation” lah actually hahaha

      • thepeningpengantin

        Eh sorry to selit but can i know the ebay seller? I pun nak beli! Not for brooch bouquet (tak kuasa and i cant diy for nuts) but i love f21 earrings and it’ll be great if i can get em cheaper. Hahaha
        Actually f21 ni smua made in china, bangladesh, indonesia. So might as well i get from the source at a cheaper price than thru e website. Haha. Anyway fake pun fake la bukannye Chanel pun!

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