The Wedding Brocade Lah Sey!

Recently, I attended a cousin’s wedding (not Hafiz, but his brother Faiz. They both had their sanding on the same day huhu. Macam best je) and met his bride for the first time during their nikah ceremony. And I actually gasped at how pretty she was! Her makeup was flawless and I loved her eyebrows!! I have this thing with eyebrows, for me if the MUA can shade them in really well it means her skills are top notch. My view lah okayyy. Yeah, so this Zakiah also had this hijab style on that was still quite uncommon in the nikah scene, because usually the hijab styles would involve just a sarung kepala thing that wraps so tightly around the face, making the face look super tembam and “out there”, then with a veil over the head ( i shall not post any pictures but you get what i mean). Hers was modern and up-to-date, what I would call “the messy hijab” style. If you’ve read my blog post here, then you’d know how particular I am about hijab styling.

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So bila I balik, I buat research lah sikit (padahal boleh tanya Zakiah eh, tapi malu), and low and behold, found out that it was the work of The Wedding Brocade lah sey! Patutlah chaaaantik bangat!

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(Source: The Wedding Brocade)

I love how the inner shawl flows around her face, very graceful and slimming! At first, I didn’t care too much about this vendor, because I saw that all of their customers fit the profile of being “kurus and tak pakai tudung” so their hijab collection might not be wide enough. And I know of a BTB who has enquired with them before and found out that their outfits range up to UK 12 only. So I tak favourite sekali companies who don’t really care for the big, bold and beautiful ladies. But when I saw Zakiah in her nikah outfit, my faith in them went pretty high ok!!  I’m so gonna tell Kak Nur from Weddingku to fix my hijab like this because I love it THAT MUCH.

So when I went for Faiz and Zakiah’s reception that weekend, apa lagi their sanding outfits were also super nice lah!

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I have to admit that The Wedding Brocade’s strongest point is their collections. Their outfits are unique and bold. Very flattering, especially on the tall and slim girls like Zakiah. More of her outfits below:

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(Source: The Wedding Brocade)

Orang buat train kat belakang, diorang punya train kat tepi shoulder. UNIQUE OR WHAT. This seems to be their niche design, since I’ve seen them in a few colours yang sungguh menawan. MOAR DESIGNNNSSS BELOW:

428315_396362900453138_384349891_n 969026_462596500496444_2071569957_n 1231514_510419975714096_455831602_n

1382378_514578545298239_1380661604_n 1379833_521052907984136_300947207_n 1378319_514512155304878_1118624266_n

(Source: The Wedding Brocade)

I swear, seeing all these pictures sungguh mencabar my iman to (be crazy like Farhana) and switch my bridal vendor, joining past Hipster Bride and future BTB Love In November in the #teamweddingbrocade. But even if H and my mom doesn’t kill me first, nak tukar pun dah tak boleh because word came out that they are FULLY BOOKED for 2014. I take this as a sign k that I have to be syukur with what I have. Also, at the back of my mind, I see Kak Nur’s disappointed face and H looking disapprovingly at me so takpa lah ehhh.


    • isyaemika

      yep she is! she works for them part time, because she has a full time job as a kindergarden teacher. and what’s up with only catering to skinny girls? i mean yalah we heavy girls take up more kain if you want to really be berkira, but please eh!!

  1. farnamals

    hahaha apa apa, apa yang go crazy like farhana. biar crazy, tapi the switch was worth it hor!

    love wedding brocade’s collections, by the way, and their make-up and styling veryyy cantik!!! i’ve heard they only cater up to UK12 too, but to be fair, quite a number of bridals are like that jugak. i’m very sure you can fit their baju baju though, so even if there was a chance for you to make the switch it won’t be any problem for you seh

    but that said, quite a number of my friends who wear the hijab tell me they really like TWG’s hijab styling so i’m sure you’ll be in good hands if you stick with them!

    • isyaemika

      hahaha sometimes those crazy moves will benefit you the most. and please lor, if you can’t fit the more i can’t!! my butt sebesar dunia okay. i met Zakiah today and talked to her about TWB. she said she was the one who requested for the hijab style, which is really nice of TWB to concede. not a lot of companies or MUA will agree to this because they have their own image they have to uphold. pffft.

    • Dirra Rahim

      The last time I went for my first appt, she has lots of S and M, and a few L… And TWB is not pushy about brides having to slim down and be like papan on their big day which is a good thing… They will cater to your body sizes if need be…

      • isyaemika

        it’s good that they are not pushy! shows that they are aware that they are many more body sizes other than slim. but like you said by having very few L outfits, and by catering means having to customise for larger sizes and hence more expenditure for the customer, that in itself is some form of indirect pressure for brides that are not of the “mainstream” size. that’s just my two cents worth! 😉

  2. Naddz

    I was kicking myself for making my own stuff after I got to know abt TWB. I did contact her last sept cos Im sooo worried abt looking like chinese wayang using the MUA my aunt chose and she is avail so I was quite ready to forfeit my deposit cos I already booked my MUA, BUT TWB charges a LOT for a full day makeup and hair and her staying for the event 😦 So IDK if i wanna pay double the amount I would have to pay my current MUA to TWB although hers is amazing. So now another another dilemma. Though if what u said is true and she is fully booked than easier choice lol!

    • isyaemika

      yes, easy choice for us, so no more doubts babe! they’re definitely fully booked. it’s up on their FB 🙂

  3. adha


    My MUA was Kak Nur frm WKG too…You’re in good hands. She’s really accommodating and makes me forget the unpleasantness I experienced with her colleagues

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