ROMM, Bridesmaids’ Trip and Other Risky Business

So I have to admit, my holidays were pretty fruitful. Managed to clear the 97529432 things on the wedding checklist, including applying for our marriage on the ROMM website and going for the interview. Apart from the early morning drama where H punya bike couldn’t start and me and my dad couldn’t get a queue number till he arrived, I’m glad that everything else went smoothly! The receptionist was nice, he squeezed us into the last, last slot because H arrived exactly at 11.3o a.m. and by right, the last interview should end at that time before commencing again at 2 p.m. After verifying our documents (after which any changes to wali/wakil/venue will incur costs), we met the kadi in-charge one-by-one for a fuss-free interview. Now I have heard stories about this, a friend’s colleague who had to recite the Al-Fatihah, but was so daunted by the kadi she couldn’t even recall it, my own dad was also asked to list the rukun-rukun Nikah during his time. But other than the routine verifying of documents and angkat sumpah (that all the information are true), the only queer question he asked was:

Kadi: Awak ada tunang dengan orang lain?

Me: Hmmm huh? Sekarang eh?

Kadi: Sekarang, dulu. Tak kisah lah bila.

Me: Erm sekarang yang kat luar tu. Sorang sehaja.

Kadi: Okay bagus.

ERM OKAY WHAAAAT?? I don’t get what he was trying to get at, was it whether I was engaged to anyone else before this, or was I engaged to anyone else apart from H (???). Then my dad boleh layankan, because “perempuan tak boleh kahwin lebih dari satu. agaknya dia tengah check kalau you ada tunang lain.” HAHA boleh ke gitu. Don’t worry lah tok, satu je dah tak terlayan hahaha.

So H choose Ustaz Suhaimi for our kadi, who happens to be the imam for Al-Istighfar Mosque and was also Lily’s kadi during her nikah. I remembered him as firm and impactful. How he looked Syafiq in the eye and told him to take care of Lily, how he addressed Lily personally from across the room to be a good wife to Syafiq. I just found him so real, not just reading from a script like most kadis do.

575281_3170129013185_1804260971_nUstaz Suhaimi at Lily & Syafiq’s solemnisation

(Don’t mind my kaypo face sticking out from the corner hahaha)

Another awesome thing happened over the holiday, and that is my bridesmaids’ trip to Phuket! Which by the way the last trip with friends before the wedding! So I wouldn’t choose any other way to spend it if not with my lovely sayangs, Umairah, Ili & Aisyah (yes, bestie and I have the same name!!)

Water rafting

FYI, these smiles did not last long. Because it was clearly not a beginner’s rapids. (Taken at the Song Phraek River, near Phang Nga province)

And I got to try of these babies.


AWESOME KE PE. Okay sorry jakon. Wahahaha. (Taken at Patong Beach)

I love how the trip got us even closer together. In our free time, like while waiting for our turn for water activities, they would force my procrastinating arse down to talk about boring (but necessary) stuff like the wedding itinerary, helped foresee certain hiccups so that we could remedy them from now and we’d even talk about their favourite bridesmaid dress designs. Oh and somehow, we took turns falling sick on the trip. Dizzy spells, stomach cramps and some of us even took a fall or two. HAHA. But importantly, we were all there to take care of each other and never left anyone behind for any reason. That’s why I know I’m in safe hands with these girls. I can always count on them when the big day comes, and even years to come. Sayang korangs!

Maya bay

(Taken at Maya Bay)

In other business, H and I have started renovating our my room! We are done with Phase 1 and are in the middle of Phase 2 of our room plan!

Phase 1: Take down all existing built-in cupboards and wardrobe. Install new wardrobe and window seat storage.

YES WINDOW SEAT!! This I’m super excited about. I’ve always loved those rooms where you can lounge on the window seat, look out the window or just read a book. Plus, Cik Hussein, a.k.a owner of San Heusen Interior Design Enterprise (he can be contacted at 83583090) designed it in a way that it doubles as storage. Awesome kan! A tiny sneak peak…

Photo 19-1-14 19 48 58

This was before the doors and cushions were installed! Btw the streaks of paint on the wall is where my previous built in study table, cupboard was.

Phase 2: Paint existing chest of drawers to white. Paint walls to …. haven’t decided!

So we painted the wooden chest white so it can easily blend into our room no matter what the wall colour will be. H used an oil based paint, based on the recommendations of the shopkeeper. The chest did not have a layer of varnish, so H didn’t have to sand paper the top. But you do if your furniture has varnish over it, if not the paint will not settle. So yeah, I’m only left with wall colour leh. What looks good with white (cupboard, chest, window seat) and grey (bed frame) ehh hmmmmm.

Phase 3: Get other necessities like mirror, bedside table, linens and black-out curtains (because H works night shifts and needs to sleep during the day).

Plan to stalk for 1000 thread count bedsheets, they’re on average around $80 per set. Cheap!

On another note, school has started and Week 1 just passed. Which means. 15 weeks to the big day. Can someone tell me where all that time went??? Argghhhhh. Need. More. Time.


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