As The Big Day Draws Closer…

Cabaran bertambah banyak beb.

It’s really no joke. This is the period where it will make your relationship. Or break it. I’ve heard too many stories of couples breaking up only few weeks or days before their wedding, and now I understand why. All the nerves building up, tempers getting shorter, tolerance gets lower, constantly stepping on each other’s toes. Even the smallest things about your partner can tick you off. And somehow, you’ll even find the littlest of faults with your future in-laws. Old flames from the past will reappear (true story) and misunderstandings will be hard to avoid. Deposits need to be paid, which means the financial strain will definitely add to the heat. Then, just like that you realise that you are with the wrong person and you can’t even look at him anymore.


Don’t give in.

Don’t take the easy way out to let off steam on your loved ones.

Don’t succumb to these little challenges arranged by God and executed by the devil to sway you from something as pure as marriage.



Breathe. Sabar. Reflect. Do’a. Pray. And meet each other less often.

Funny enough, this age old pantang not to meet your partner at least a month before your wedding does hold its benefits and truth. Meeting less means you’d irritate each other less, argue less, pick on each other less. Lesser expectations, lesser shoes to fill.

Rindu? Memang gila babs punya. But at least the heart grows fonder. Kasi chance climax lah sikit ah. Baru boleh menjeling-menjeling atas pelamin kan kan??

Me & H will abstain from meeting each other soon. Wish us all the determination and perseverance in the world not to come running towards each other because Tampines and Pasir Ris is too god damn close okay!!! HAHAHA.


  1. Dyan

    Ahhh this seems so familiar. It happened with us as well but like you say, just avoid meeting frequently and it’ll be ok.
    It helps when u are all stressed up about something about the wedding just keep repeating “it’s just a wedding. ” lol

    • isyaemika

      i feel like i want to skip the whole wedding thing and fast forward to “happy ever after” boleh tak? haha! but nnt lepas kahwin gg to be a new set of problems to face ehhh

      ps: saw you at megaexpress the other day, came to your booth but too malu to say hi. kental kan!!! wahahhahaa.

    • isyaemika

      yes exactly! seram sejuk pun ada, takut any wrong move can lead to something unintended.. but it’s in the journey for something beautiful so I’ll just suck it up! thanks sayang 🙂

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