Kenanga I Love You

Getting my bridesmaids outfits has always been nagging at the back of my mind but somehow never gotten around to do it.  The initial plan was to get them materials of different hues of the same colour so that they can send it to their own tailors because one, this way it’s economically friendly on me haw haw. And two, their outfits wouldn’t all be the uniform, kind of like us at Lily’s wedding:


(Source: AndroidsinBoots)

But procrastinate punya procrastinate, tak sempat beli material lagi and now there’s not much time for tailoring anymore since raya is coming up. It’s more fuss-free for the girls if I just provide them the whole outfit. So I was looking around online for some ideas and saw these pretty pastel-hued dresses on Poplook as part of their wedding series. Was this close to purchasing them when my course mate, Ain, told me of this awesome-sampai-taknak-balik wholesale shopping mall in KL, Kenanga City, where apparently all these online dresses/kurungs/tops/shawls can be found. At more then half the price if you buy them at harga borong (min. 3 pieces). The mall was pretty easy to find via GPS, it’s considered in Bukit Bintang area but not the touristy part. By public metro, the nearest stop is Hang Tuah and the mall is just a stone throw away. We stayed at the Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel, which I believe is the nearest hotel to the mall. Ain’s mom took a cab from Kenanga City back to Furama for only 4rm!

And this place is AMAZE-BALLS you gaiseeeee. It is really an online shopper’s dream because all of it is in front of you. And CHEAP. Luckily, I managed to get to KL in time yesterday before the mall closes for CNY today. It was a mad rush, and it doesn’t help that the selection was so huge! But I managed to find what I think would look best for my girls.

AND. I was in such a good mood, I decided to get them two outfits each for the 6 of them. Because I’m awesome like that. HAHA!! Actually I was thinking about how my solemnization will be in the early afternoon, followed by the reception on my side all the way into the night. So I wouldn’t want to them be in the same outfit the whole day, just in case they get uncomfortable.

Processed with VSCOcam

First outfit.

Simple long tie-back chiffon dress. Chose this design because it’s flowy and particularly slimming.

Processed with VSCOcam

Second outfit.

Which actually comprises of a separate scallop top and chiffon fit-n’-flare skirt. I like that it comes together as a modern kurung! Or so I’d like to think it is. I got this in two versions, so three of them will have pink top + grey skirt, and the other three black top (the shop ran out of grey tops hurrrr) + pink skirt.

Can’t wait to see my girls in these outfits! Suka tak korang??? Kalau tak suka, pun kena pakai jugak. HAHAHA!!!


  1. MrsSilentReader

    Agreed on kenanga. kerazy shopping place la that one. I sampai tak tahu malu tukar duit ngan mak mertue hahaha! beli shades sampai 8! hahaha.

    Good luck on your wedding planning!

  2. Hannah

    Hi sis, boleh share the awesome details with me too? Thank you so much! I started with your engagement post and now i’m hooked after reading 5 entries. Your blog is wonderful.

    Btw, my brother had his wedding at Gurame last January. Tempat dia best!! It rained half the time but people still enjoyed the event. Hope yours will go smoothly 🙂

  3. Tasha S

    Hi hi! Can email me the where you bought the pieces, and how the prices and sizes like? Hehe thank you! (

  4. Fatin

    Hi!! Gonna jump on the bandwagon too and ask you for the amount you spent on each of the pieces above. Thank you for the ideas!

  5. Aisyah

    Salam dear, I know this came in late but may I know the name of the shop you got those second outfit from and their price range? Would be helpful since I’m surveying on getting bajus for my bridesmaids too and my wedding is in dec insyaAllah!! 😀 I look forward to your reply! :-*

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