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Kassim Logs

(Source: Instagram)

Anak Cik Kassim Baba, of course! Back then(macam lama sangat gitu), Kassim Baba provided catering for my engagement, and now his son, who happens to be a good friend of mine, Matiin, has decided to be the successor cum creative event conceptualiser of the team! Mix young blood and a quirky family name to uphold, what do you get? Awesome rustic wooden logs!!! I swear I was impressed when I saw Matiin posted on IG that he was in the process of preparing these logs for a wedding soon that I immediately whatsapped him to ask which fairy godmother gave him those logs:

Photo 24-2-14 6 59 48

Bukan fairy godmother, Bangla rupanya!! Baik ah, best jugak ada kawan resourceful! Jadi I pun boleh jadi resourceful terhadap dia muahahaha. Kasi chance ni BTB ride on sikit ah, pinjam satu log nak buat wedding cake base macam ni!!! YESSAAA HOMAIGOD.

Photo 23-2-14 17 03 42

(Source: Etsy )

And oh, Matiin’s resourcefulness doesn’t just stop there, because I know for a fact that antique thrifting is just about his latest obsession right now! He’s always raving about his latest haul and how he bargained for it. Probably adding on to the family collection ehhh.

Photo 24-2-14 7 33 44Photo 24-2-14 7 33 57

Visit them their Instagram or FB page if you’re curious. Or just to stare at their vintage collection. LIKE ME. Hahaha. Can’t wait to see these little babies being utilised in actual events! 🙂


  1. aida

    Sometimes jadi lelaki best eh, can just randomly go up to one bangla and upah him to saw wood. I had wanted to do this for my macaron tower but I just didn’t get around to sourcing for that darned wooden slab! Great that you can borrow it from your friend!

    • isyaemika

      yeah guys are so much more careless and “chandi” if that’s how you spell it.. for us susah, malu lah paiseh lah. haha! anyways i think he dah biasa with his dad’s catering company, they always upah bangla to help clean up the void decks. so i guess it’s one of his regular contacts!

      ps: yours would have looked GREAT with the wooden slabs lah!! can compliment the hanging branches all 🙂

      • aida

        I know right! Sigh. But it’s ok, I’ll get to realise my dream through your cake setup! 🙂

        Anyway looks like Kassim Baba is one to look out for!

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