From One Chubby Bride To Another

There’s no hope for us, really.

All we want to do is look GREAT on our big day. Or at least just BETTER than our usual round, insecure selves. And just when you think you’d finally chosen the right bridal company that can make that happen, be prepared to:

Fork out more money to customise outfits that will truly fit you.

Or, face rejection when you look at rows and rows of gorgeous pieces, but be told, “Oh not that one, doesn’t come in YOUR size. If the groom… he will fit just fine.”

Then once the decision is made to settle for the limited pieces available in your SIZE, you realise that the range is dull compared to the regular-sized section. Why? Because “we don’t want our customers to look larger than they already are, so we make sure our outfits are darker and not too vibrant.” If I wanted a slap on my face, I would’ve asked for it. Thank you.

There are definitely good, sympathetic bridal companies out there. But just not this one. #Loseweight or you’ll #loseout.


  1. Jannah

    Oh dear! I have felt that twice during my recce bridal appointment, haha! Not the nicest feeling babe! Netherless, JIA YOU! YOU CAN DO IT!

    • isyaemika

      awful, awful feeling! and it doesn’t help that our grooms are slim and can pull off any outfit!!! hahahha. thanks dear

  2. suefaheen

    Ohmy, that is so mean! My partner & I are thinking of tailoring our wedding outfits which will be much better to avoid the sakit hati part where i’ll def be told that im not in the usual range size. & can keep for raya or what and re-use rather than bayar mahal2 tapi baju pinjam you knw what i mean? haha chins up babe!

    • isyaemika

      that’s a great idea! better to invest your money in tailoring outfits and engaging reliable MUAs like juliana naim. these bridal companies don’t come cheap also. a friend of mine tailored her outfit with a long cathedral train that is removable for use after raya. you can consider that 🙂

      • pengantinpelik

        I did that! Haha not baju with removable train but baju kebaya and baju mini kurung and got juliana naim to make me up and I just super loved the makeup (and all these I’ve mentioned I think you know already haha).

      • isyaemika

        YESSS naqiyah told me how pretty you look at the wedding 🙂 and Kak Juliana is such a kind soul lah, can’t believe she made me up for my engagement during her confinement period. glad you chose her for your wedding!

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