Food tasting, errands and more errands

So H, my mom and her bestie accompanied me to Gurame the other day for complimentary food tasting and also for a meeting with the events manager, Keith. My mom couldn’t decide between a few dishes, so in the end we requested to taste 11 different dishes, thinking that they would serve the four of us small samples on platter or something. BUT LOOK WHAT THEY BROUGHT OUT OKAY.

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KUS SEMANGAT, full-sized servings sepenuh-penuh meja!
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The dishes were all so, so good that it was hard to make a selection so we ended up voting hahaha. My mom felt so self-conscious by the onlookers at the next table that she told them, “Jangan salah paham eh dik, ni food tasting. Bukan gelojoh ke apa eh.” MOTHER WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS TO STRANGERS. Hahahahaa so cute. But of course the people of Gurame let us pack the leftovers, which was really kind and generous of them. Even when we first came to meet Keith way back for a non-obligatory meet up to find out more about the venue, our entire dinner was on the house that night. SO BAIK I LIKE. And tak berkira when it comes to food, especially with customers.

Which brings me to the part where I was discussing with Keith about the number of pax for my reception. I told him that my dad’s final number is now 1400 pax (yes, kill me now kalau Gurame tak roboh pun tak tau apa nak cakap), so we would have to top up for the extra 400 pax. Keith told us that based on his experience, there will always be leftover food and he didn’t like wastage. So he told us his chefs would prepare food for 1000 pax first and when the need arises, we can top up accordingly because their kitchen has the capacity to prepare extra food on the spot per every 100 pax. Really sweet of him kan! Mana ada vendor nak suruh customer save duit ni??? Alahaiii.

So we left Gurame with huge smiles plastered across our faces, a.k.a perut kenyang hati senang, but not leaving before we snapped some pictures firsttt. I forgot how calm and peaceful the place was, with abang emo at the corner dengan plastic makanan LOL.

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Since then, I finally managed to clear out some other wedding necessities like favours, for example, which my parents and I have decided on honey yayyyy! We ordered from the friendly Kak Eza of Divine Favorz, who was quick in responding to our bulk order despite the limited time window. I’m pretty set on drawstring favour bags where the honey goes in, but I’m still browsing through various suppliers so will update once that’s set, loves!!!

Since I’m DIY-ing my hantaran trays and getting Mariah & Sham to do up the bunga pahar/sireh dara sekali so all of them can mitchy-matchy with the dias, I’m only left with bunga rampai. I was searching for reasonably priced bunga rampai vendors (because I’m not prepared to pay $5 per cup like how KS charges), when I found these pleasant little things done up by Kiss Kiss Floreale.


(Source: Kiss Kiss Floreale)

How any more precious can they be right? And Nurl the owner is as equally sweet as her flowers so that that made the transaction so much better! She charges $2-2.50 per cup, with delivery btw, so she’s going to personally deliver to mine and H’s house the morning of our solemnisation to keep the flower scent fresh.

And ohhh, since our solemnisation and reception for my side will be on Day 1 and H’s reception on Day 2, we have a total of 5 outfits for both days. We engaged 3 outfits from WKG and I will be tailoring the other 2; nikah outfit and also evening dress for Day 1. Met up with my tailor/designer/fashion student extraordinaire (thanks Nadiah for recommending your friend <3) and was immediately impressed by his crafty hands doing a dress mock-up on a mannequin with the material I brought.

Photo 12-2-14 19 06 32

Can’t wait to see the final product!!!

And I know I’m due to contact photographer/videographer to discuss themes/preferences, musician to set song list, wedding cakestress for cake design etc etc etc, but I JUZ CAN’T. This final semester is killing me really, and I cannot find the time between classes to settle all these things gaaaahhhh.


  1. tenfivefifteen

    Aww. I remembered our meet up with Keith, he’s a very easygoing and speaks with utmost honesty. Especially on the food wastage part. Since I’m not having my wedding there, tompang gembira aje laa. Hehe.

    • isyaemika

      hahaha why u so cute?? niways H is considering the kompang contact you provided me. thanks dear 🙂

  2. champagneandtiffany

    Went to a wedding once at gurame and the food was awesome! Wah, syiok eh food tasting mcm gitu. haha! And and thank you for sharing the vendor for bunga rampai! So sweet looking and prettayyy! 😀

  3. Nadiah

    I love the material u bought..the colour super nice can ❤ ❤ glad its all working out…woots..excited for ya

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