• isyaemika

      thanks!! but i can kiss this business opp good bye sebab i’ve been working on these trays on off for about a year now so mati lah customers nnt tak kahwin ah tunggu dulang dorang LOL

      • eliblr

        HAHAH! yours boleh but satu customer per year. so five trays do on and off for one year. :p or before u bukak business u siap kan all design dulu. must do those vintage designs as it won’t die. hehehe…

      • isyaemika

        hahahah 1 year 1 customer tak balik modal gitu. oh mcm buat catalogue eh?? boleh choose from certain designs?? skrg orang semua nak customization mcm maneee hehe. baru nak buat one design fits all :p

      • eliblr

        Kire kan u nye mcm exclusive gitu uh. Haha. U buat yg versatile nye uh. Boleh pasang and bukak anytime. Mcm lego. Hahaha. Ok takya layan already. Da start merepek. :p

  1. nhanazaim88

    Hello! I’m just one of those BTBs passing by and l must say I’m really looking forward to see your wedding turnout, when you have the best deco and venue in the country! MashaaAllah. Really can’t wait to be inspired! And if you don’t mind, can you fill me in on the substitutions or adjustments the management agreed on in exchange for an outside decor team instead? Just for me to have an idea.


    Thank you so much!

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