Some Updates!

As I’m typing out this post, I’m juggling doing my wedding favors while finishing up my last assignment for my degree course. I just have to say, THANK GOD FOR MY HELPER ELVES. Everyday, different elves will drop by to rewang and before we know it, we’ve covered 700 pieces within 4 days! Though we’re not even half way (think BIG, THINK 1800 PIECES), I think we’re on a good pace yay! And for all my fellow student BTBs who know how I feel, it’s crazy hard to juggle wedding preps and school. To date, I still have not sent out some invitation cards (yes it’s that bad) and my room is still in a mess.

But I’m happy to say that everything is slowly coming together. Almost done with all of my DIYS; bouquet, hantaran trays, favors, sparklers for send off etc. Decided to have a fresh bouquet in hand too, and where else if not from the awesome possum Kedai Daisy! Diana is such a lovely lady, check out her work at @kedaidaisy! Ordered some headpieces and a sash from China suppliers (hahaha!) for my own outfits and they’re looking goooood! In fact, I bought my favor bags from a similar source and they all came really fast. Have to say that they are really reliable! And it’s really funny how some of my vendors are chasing me for updates. Hahaha terbalik pulak but love them all for their patience. Didn’t expect myself to be such a #relekbride but hey, terpaksa ok??

Finally, due to unforeseen circumstances, H and I were forced to switch our event photographer last month. If you’re wondering why, all I can say that this is not due to the faults or shortcomings of my previous photographer, HNHM Photoworks. This is NOT the case. In fact, they are doing very well breaking into our local industry with their most recent work being Dalillah and Fattah’s wedding! Their works can be seen through the hashtags #thedfwedding or #hnhmphotoworks. So happy for my lovely ladies, Hani (@haneimj) and Hazra (@hazrangah)! Love you ollz and see you at Tanah Lot, maybe??? 🙂

Nor is it a case where I suddenly feel like “jumping ship” and picking another vendor. And so to conclude, my photographer is now…. TAK NAK BILANG BOLEH??? I pun nak secret-secret mcm Cik Ili kita hahaha. Sesiapa yang dah tau boleh tolong tutup mulut sampai lepas 3rd May, terima kasih banyak-banyak. Till the next update!



  1. ohyou

    Hello! I’ve been contemplating about engaging HNHM for my post wedding shoot but I’m not sure everything will go about since they are based in Malaysia. Any thoughts?

    • isyaemika

      hi dear! HNHM are two ladies whom I trust very much, and you’ll find that they’re the sweetest duo ever hehehe. i finished my post wedding at bali with them a few weeks ago and promptly got the products within two weeks. not too mention the 20 odd pictures they passed me first as teasers the day after the shoot. call me biased (hahah!) because i was friends with them from before this but as a customer, they delivered as promised. hope that helps! 🙂

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