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Looking back on #aisyahxhelmi.


(Image captured by Zakaria Zainal)

It’s been past a week after our wedding, but I’m missing every single moment of it. Planning this wedding has been crazy, but I learnt that no matter how hard I try to stick to THE PLAN, the more things would go the opposite way. So with H’s love and guidance, I learnt to let go and had so much fun during the best weekend of my life. Here are some moments captured by my loved ones:

10310610_10152450374679612_52080864897001678_nWhite and blue for Nikah.

10289849_10152450388179612_2537136435585011555_nHeading to the dais area, a beautiful tentage, a last minute addition to the overall decoration. Props to Mariah and Sham for the swift response to this request!




10305056_10152450398114612_2498842265553707090_nI was so glad to have my mom surprise me outside the changing room, ready to hold my hand and accompany me on the dais :’)



10264293_10152450391204612_8309259821754896659_nMy sayangs in their lovely dresses bought here.


10313057_10152450406724612_7098617380832816537_nKurang asam, orang tengah feeling-feeling. HAHAHA.

10173757_10152450407504612_7024068937997090071_nThat moment, when it finally sunk it that I was now H’s wife.






(Credits and special thanks to Ridwan for these pictures!)

And not forgetting the awesome people of One Eye Click Live and Suzy the photobooth for these GORGEOUS PICTURES OF MY GUESTS!

10273917_659898874064374_8509432379960751446_nSempat mak/bapak pengantin ehh!!



10298779_659906194063642_7079472276583860209_nPatut lah carik-carik korang takda, kat sini rupanya. HAHAHAHAA.

10246741_659903447397250_8233849245573394670_nSuka, main-main ngan photobooth??? Next up, MOH’s wedding in June! Nyaaaaaah!


10173810_659910390729889_5098336734533037023_nHappy to see lots of familiar faces! 🙂




And lastly, some teaser pictures provided by ze photographer, Zakaria Zainal!



aisyah-helmi-preview-6Till further updates! Much love, xoxo.

From One Chubby Bride To Another

There’s no hope for us, really.

All we want to do is look GREAT on our big day. Or at least just BETTER than our usual round, insecure selves. And just when you think you’d finally chosen the right bridal company that can make that happen, be prepared to:

Fork out more money to customise outfits that will truly fit you.

Or, face rejection when you look at rows and rows of gorgeous pieces, but be told, “Oh not that one, doesn’t come in YOUR size. If the groom… he will fit just fine.”

Then once the decision is made to settle for the limited pieces available in your SIZE, you realise that the range is dull compared to the regular-sized section. Why? Because “we don’t want our customers to look larger than they already are, so we make sure our outfits are darker and not too vibrant.” If I wanted a slap on my face, I would’ve asked for it. Thank you.

There are definitely good, sympathetic bridal companies out there. But just not this one. #Loseweight or you’ll #loseout.

Favourite Skincare Products

Yayyy finally have the time to write out a skincare post!

Photo 26-9-13 9 48 01

I’ve only started to take care of my skin recently, so that’s many years worth of catching up. Before this, I don’t remove my make up regularly before I sleep, never used toner because it was an extra fussy step and exfoliation wasn’t even in my skincare dictionary. What I was left with was remnants of teenage ache, blemishes, oversized pores, oily skin and occasionally dry patches. So I forced myself to step up, even more so especially with the wedding coming up (just checked, is it really 7 months away??). What I wanted was for clear, radiant skin, and also to keep the breakouts at bay. Barulah boleh jadi pengantin jambu cheyyy hahaha.

First thing I got myself was the Clarisonic Mia 2 (wanted to get the predecessor but it was sold out at Sephora, but the difference is merely the speed settings) because I heard rave reviews on how it;

  1. promotes deep cleansing
  2. controls oil secretion and prevents constant breakouts
  3. exfoliates for radiant and youthful skin


Basically the Clarisonic is a cleansing tool that goes a step further than your average facial cleanser and scrub. My initial thoughts about it was how soft the brush was on my skin, and how no matter how hard I cleansed off my makeup before that, there was still some residual makeup caught on the brush, which showed how deeply it cleansed my face.

I also noticed how my complexion slowly evened out and became really smooth! Not baby smooth, but less blemishes and bumps definitely. I loved how make up glided more smoothly on my face! Previously, foundation used to sink into my pores and crack in between my laugh lines which was so unflattering really. I have been using it once a day with my daily cleanser, for the past few months now, and I have to say that I’m loving the results!

Himalya neem face packWorking together with the Clarisonic to clear blemishes and prevent breakouts, I apply the Himalaya Neem Face Pack as a weekly mask. Since Neem is known to be beneficial for oily and acne prone skin because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it was a good weekly fix to keep the pimples from coming back.

Since Neem and using the Clarisonic can dry out the skin, it is important to moisturise regularly in order to help the skin regain its natural oils and remain supple. I am currently in love with Philosophy products, and have been experimenting with their cult products like Purity and Hope In A Jar (i sangat suka nama-nama product dia). I finally found my favourite moisturiser, Miracle Worker because one, it is so moisturising and two, it is good prevention for pre-aging purposes (a.k.a takut tua).


As for beauty supplements (not just on the surface, must make sure beauty comes from within pulak wei), I did try El Marino Blanc after hearing success stories from fellow bloggers like Shahera but it had little effect on my skin and even made me itch a little (it claims to contain marine constituents) so I stopped drinking it right away. On the other hand, I have been taking Bird’s Nest Drink for its natural collagen, though T’ve even heard of other benefits like joint mobility and ensuring healthy lungs. I currently am taking the Brands one (because my mom bought a whole trunk full of them in JB), but there are many other brands that carry bird’s nest drink.


Like Blanc, bird’s nest can be expensive (6 bottles can be about $25sgd or more in you buy in Singapore), but it’s always a good investment if it’s for your skin, no? Because at the end of the day, it’s always about choosing the right product that is suitable for you, and sticking to it.

So what are your favourite skincare products? 🙂