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Lagi satu lah!

So a friend of mine, Idah, requested a red rose bouquet with pearls for her wedding this May. This time, I used artificial red velvet roses (mcm cupcake pulak) and I bought the pearls at Golden Dragon at People Park Centre, thanks to the tip from the DIY chifu Pretty Orkid! Tahu je tau lobang-lobang nak beli all these craft materials heh.

Okay, back to the story. I was ready to complete the classic bouquet look with a simplistic off-white satin material when Idah told me she wanted black ribbon on the off-white base on the stalk. Talk about colour clash! I was like, “Eh diek ni betul ke tak ni. Gothic per”. Sakit mataku memandang, as I was paying for the black ribbon. But I told myself, the pengantin will get what she wants if it makes her happy. So I added the black ribbon with a french braid pattern I learnt here, and VOILA! Works pulak!! I swear Idah has great taste! So here it is…

Photo 30-4-13 3 19 25I found it really interesting how black somehow works with the off-white to compliment the blood red roses. Lesson learnt: step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes being BOLD is the way to go!

Pink, peach & white peonies

Current project: working on a bouquet for a friend’s wedding this weekend! She requested specifically for handmade chiffon flowers in this pretty colour scheme.

Yet to be wrapped though. Here it is!


Every flower needs a little bit of tender effort to make, but the chiffon flowers are more flower and delicate, as compared to other fabric flowers (hence my preference for it).


Will update when it’s completed!