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The Throne

The Melayu adat of pengantins being Raja/Permaisuri sehari went back for as long as I could remember. I would assume that’s where the idea of a palamin came about, a “Throne” fit for the King and Queen, elevated from the rest, where they can be seen and admired as they please. And by throne, people often take it that it has to be as grand (and gaudy) as possible. Which is fine, whatever suits their fancy, but sometimes the pelamin design is so loud and colourful that the bride/groom “disappears”/tenggelam. I tak nak sey macam gitu!

My dream pelamin would be something simple, as played down as possible (i know my mom’ll will have fit about this but let’s say she agrees, shall we?). A pedestal that will complement my outfit and make it look outstanding, yet elaborate and prominent enough to be distinguished from the rest. Something like this:


UPDATE: I found out personally from Zakaria that the decor provider for this was The Wedding Chateau. No. Freaking. Wonder.

I actually found this picture a few months back on a random site and have always kept for inspiration. I recently found out that it was taken by Zakaria Zainal, whose photojournalistic style has always caught my eye ever since he was featured in Manja magazine a while back.

Check out his work here!

Attn Tiffany Lovers!

Stumbled upon this page on FB and saw a cute Tiffany-coloured Vespa with a side car! What a pleasant blast from the past. I can so imagine this being used for pre-wedding photoshoots or even for wedding vehicle!


Price: $188 (3 hour block)

Quite reasonable actually, but compared to rental of an automobile for $500 for a full day use, it may seem a bit ex. Tapi kalau nak budget sikit, there’s always this at East Coast!


Eh okay perrr, polish and decorate sikit. Ni baru nama non-convential bride! 😀

I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye… a gorgeous wedding at Gurame Restaurant!!!

Okay, I solemnly admit to stalking the web for any weddings held there to have an idea of how mine will look like. And also to source for ideas, what might look nice, what wouldn’t. That sort of nitty gritty thing. One of the many important info I found out is that according to Halil, a resident photographer at TheProjectPixel, the kind of dais with tiang-tiang and kain melayang are a no-go as he had witnessed an entire dias tipping over because of the strong sea wind (gasp. gulp. choke). Point taken,brooo. Plus, my dad has been pushing me to put up a tent in the middle of the lawn area in case it rains (Nov = monsoon season?) so  I’ve been looking around to see whether it’s necessary. And so, this lovely wedding reception caught my attention.

I love the backdrop of the sea, taken at the boardwalk area. Truly unique, seldom to see this in a Malay wedding!


Aaaannnnd FAIRYLIGHTS!!! Arrrghhh, I swear I’m obsessed ngan lampu kecik2 ni. But naiseeee, how??


And the tent looks like a lovely addition to the reception. (better be safe than sorry, nanti hujan susah pulak makcik-makcik)

Photos credits to Kiera Roxanne. The rest of the album can be viewed here.

Sigh, okay back to berangan mode.

Inspiration: A “Not Too Shabby” Chic

Shabby chic is “a form of design of furniture are either chosen for their appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasised to differentiate it from genuine period decor.”

It’s all about the cozy romantic feel, paying close attention to details like lace and tea-stained doilies, colours like pink, peach, ivory and grey mixed with natural woods and a rustic touch… I LIKE!!!


The hanging tea lights offers that extra romantic effect. Another case of “lawa tapi leceh”. Nak DIY tapi kesampaian ke tak ehh??


Details, details… even the cookies are vintage and shabby-licous!

mini-desserts-gallery shabby-chic-wedding-4

Sometimes I wonder how these mak sallehs kuasa to zoom down to such small details, and some of them even DIY their entire decor. Kudos to them!! Here we can only dream of these novelties because most often than not, we are overshadowed by pepatah Mak-mak kita: “Orang datang nak tengok pengantin, bukan nak tengok decorations!!”

EH, dunia sekarang dah lain okay!!!! Jom kita prove all the makciks wrong! Buat decor lawa-lawa biar dorang tercenggang. Heh.

Okay back to  assignments. Till next time lovelies!