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Pre Wedding Photoshoot – Groupon Deal

Attention 2013 BTBs! I spy a salivatingly hot deal on Groupon today! Pre Wedding Photoshoot (outdoor option available) for only $128!!!

Deal includes:

2 hour photoshoot
One outfit from Bride/Groom
Makeup/Hair styling/Accessories
10 4R prints, soft copy in CD

Valid till 18 Aug 2013.

Oh Sunny Days

I love this kind of photographs. I like to call it “the Silau Effect”, with sun rays beaming through creating a natural art filter and that occasional kaleidoscope of colours. Very ethereal!


I see this  effect a lot in Western weddings but not in Malay wedding photography. WHY EH.


 Kalau boleh, I nak ni. Kesian photographer I nanti, kena paksa buat sampai dapat. Heheheh. 😛

When You’re Spoiled For Choices – Photography Series

Sometimes when I’m presented with so many ideas and options, I can’t seem to keep track of everything. So to untangle the mess in my head, I’ve decided to pour out all options onto a Lino!


I love how I can keep on piling post-its onto this handy noticeboard when I can visualise everything in front of me. Yes, I’m visual like that. Plus, it’s really convenient! Everything I need, sample pictures from different companies, quotations and even their FB links are all a click away. You can even colour code post-its and categorise them into tags! So neat! To me, it seriously beats having a restrictive excel sheet (don’t know how to use it for nuts).

So here’s a closer look at the Photography section:


I listed out all the companies I was considering, even HNHM Photoworks which is based in JB but they have two lovely muslimah photographers, a big reason why I was considering them in the first place. Do check them out! Their rates are affordable and their services are very flexible 🙂

But in the end, I’ve narrowed my scope down to the three big companies, An Analog Affair, TheProjectPixel and StudioDua with three equally talented and distinguished master photographers Fadly, Shukri and Fandy respectively. But of course, with such talent and quality comes a price. However, it’s a price I’m willing to fork out because no matter how crappy your decor turns out, or how much you hate your makeup, at the end of the day, if your pictures turn out to be beautiful, then it kind of makes everything else worthwhile (macam sejuk gitu hati kan).

But I’m not trying to say that you can get crappy vendors. The point I’m bringing forth is that photography is one of the areas where I’m willing to splurge on, because it leaves the most lasting effect. And when else would I get to be all pretty and pose in front a camera? Heh. Unless I’m a model that is (but my size 10 hourglass figure begs to differ).

It was such a meticulous process of narrowing which style suits me the best. Each company has it own strengths and it’s very hard to search for a weakness (apart from the price). I love how Fandy from StudioDua gives an exclusive “celebrity” feel to his pictures and his editing is so distinct that you’ll know it’s his work. And the watermark at the corner of every picture he takes macam cool gitu. Hahaha okay I’m being superficial.


Dah lah jangan harap dapat photoshoot kat New York. But you get what I mean.

But a huge downside here is if you want Fandy take your picture, there’s topup of $500. Like $500?? I know I said I’m willing to splurge, but to put a price tag on his service like that?

On to TheProjectPixel, I love how their pictures have that vintage, faded appeal but yet, maintains it sharpness and colour! And it’s really interesting how they try to capture every moment and detail of your ceremony into one picture collage:

ImageNi baru a picture speaks a thousand words. There’s so many pretty things to look at in this picture can. No wonder they couldn’t choose just one.


Just had to share this. I really really love the extra heart details!

And TheProjectPixel covered FizaO and KC’s wedding recently! Though they’ve been pretty hush-hush about the pictures they took, here’s one of their “Save The Date”:


Alahai sweet nyer. Nak jugak!

But collectively, though I do find the faded/vintage appeal incredibly tempting because of its edginess and plus it’s “cool” right now, for that same reason, I’m not too keen on taking up a company that offers this kind of dated look. Personally, I do prefer my pictures to have a timeless quality, so that twenty years down the road, I wouldn’t want to look back at my pictures and think, “What was I thinking?!”. Plus, I love a clean and crisp look on my pictures, and I think An Analog Affair does just that.



I love how Fadly is able to play around with the focus and perspective.




Clearly, my heart has been won over. For now, I’m just waiting for a quotation from Fadly and I’m pretty much set on booking him 🙂

UPDATE: Quotation for An Analog Affair: $2600 with photobook, $2100 without.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had to go through such a painstaking process to finally decide on one photographer. So to all you BTBs out there, I’ll leave you a quote that I found on Fadly’s blog:

“Would you trust forever to just anyone?”


Oh So Fickle

So I went to the Megaexpress wedding exhibition today with Mr. H (aka the Groom) and was like… “I nak tu! Yang tu pun! Tapi eh tak nak, nak tu lah! TUUUU!!”


Fyi, I am in the very beginning stage of this kahwin-kahwin journey, with nothing more than a fixed date and of course the future groom for the whole purpose itself 😉 So I’m still deciding on many  things, most importantly the big FIVE;  bridal, decor, photography, venue and caterer. Fatimah Mohsin? Versari? Chantique? Weddingku???

Any wrong move, you’ll maha regret for the rest of your life.

To make matters worst, the burning “kiasu”-ism innate in me and also every other Singaporean is screaming for the best in the market. Everything want to be better than the rest. Le sigh. On top of that, as we speak (or type for that matter), countless bridezillas are filling up slots of the more prestigious, sought-after vendors in the country. By the second! And it doesn’t help that my D-date is peak season okay! How can I not be stressed out? Why is it so hard to make a decision?

Simply put, we all want our perfect weddings but it is also important to live within our means. Some things I’m reminding myself as I type:

1. Plan your budget. How much you’re willing to (or can) spend. And STICK TO IT. Happily ever after lasts forever, and you’ll need moolahs to maintain that. With this said, it should narrow you down to a smaller group of choices.

2. Know yourself. What is your style, the theme that you want, your “swag” if you will. Bold? Contemporary? Whimsical? Vintage?

3. Match it with the companies that best bring out what you want in your wedding. What is best for others, doesn’t mean it’s best for you. This is the time where you have to stop oogling at other blogs/brides and their choices and make your own decisions on what’s best.

4. It’s not just about you. Consider the opinions of your other half, your parents and his. Their views matter. Trust me, your perfect wedding doesn’t involve you standing alone on the altar.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to take my own advice and make my decisions. Ciao!