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The Exquisite Mariah and Sham

I’ve been putting off this post for way too long, but here goes…

Guess who can haz Mariah & Sham decorate their wedding???


YES MUA!!! Mehehheee.

As some of you would have probably known, my wedding venue provides basic decorations as previously mentioned here. And I really mean it when I say BASIC; one size-fits-all pelamin, guest table centrepieces, arch and chiavari chairs. Any additional components like drapery or real flowers will have to come at a costly add-on. Thankfully, the management is flexible with substituting the value of the decoration elements in the package to additional food if I didn’t want to use them, which is unavoidable anyway since the fathership plans to add on a whooping 400 guests to the initial 1k pax plan. So after a ruthless realignment to the wedding budget and countless temptations from attending weddings with gorgeous decor done by reputable companies, I decided forgo decorations at Gurame and consider other options.

So H and I went to the then on-going wedding exhibition at the expo for some inspiration and saw that Anggun Decor showcased the exact beautiful setup they did recently at the Japanese Garden, as seen below:

Anggun 3

Anggun2(Source: Anggun Decor)

I was so glad that more companies venturing out of their safe zones to customising designs from scratch that I sat down with their owner/stylist to enquire about customisation options. But I was met with reluctance from her part:

“Kakak dah penat tau, I spent so many months customising for that wedding. Kalau you suka vintage, you pakai design ni je lah ok? Exactly what you see, is what you get.” 

MEHHH. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m being picky and refusing “hand-me-down” designs, but it was her un-enthusiasm that reminded me of adamant vendors who don’t allow changes to their niche designs despite requests from the bride/groom. Among other contenders were The Wedding Chateau , whose gorgeous work I was lucky enough to see at Aida‘s wedding at Orchidville!


And some other pictures kapo-ed from their hashtag #decadeoflove2013, because I could only attend the dinner reception:

Photo 25-11-13 13 19 56

Photo 25-11-13 13 20 33

I was whatsapp-ing Aida about how gorgeous her wedding was (!!!), and also comparing the quotation TWC gave me to what she was paid them. And there was a LARGE difference okay, considering only two years have passed since Aida first placed the deposit with TWC till now so I was a bit apprehensive despite their reputation.

And just in time, I received a reply from Mariah, one half of the sister and artisan extraordinaire, Mariah & Shamwho agreed to an on-site visit to Gurame to talk about my ideas. Which was really sweet of them considering how it was a non-obligatory meet up and also the inaccessibility of the restaurant. The duo has been around for as long as I can remember, known for their gubahan designs and candy buffet tables, or designer isles, with arrangements so detailed that it will literally blow your mind okayyy.

Mariah 10

Mariah 12

(Source: Mariah & Sham)

Only in early 2012 (and I’m glad they did!), did they decide to embark on major wedding decoration projects that further showcased their polished look and a suave penchant for customisation. Some of my ultimate favourites are:

am 12A

Classy, London-inspired design

Camera 360

(Source: Mariah & Sham)



(Source: Bliss Photocinema)

….. The infamous Arts House Wedding!


Loving the clean, yet vintage look!

Mariah 5

And not forgetting their latest work at Burkhill Hall earlier this month!




(Source: Mariah & Sham)

And did I mention the whole family is talented??! In addition to their mother who doubles as their co-designer and seamstress, they also collaborate with Haz Workz, who is actually Sham’s husband, for calligraphy, monograms and fine stationeries:


… and even invites!


How beautiful are these??46460_10151782168351708_1547762821_n

(Source: Haz Workz)

During the fruitful meet up, I was immediately thrilled by Mariah’s keen listening ear (thanks Kak Mariah for layaning my kerenah yang nak ni, nak tu, semua nak hehhh), her husband who was dutifully snapping pictures of the venue, and Haz’s enthusiasm because he was literally hovering around taking measurements and conceptualising the space around Gurame. Most importantly, what I truly appreciate is that never once did they shut down any of my ideas that might not work, but instead enhanced them with their input.

So with that, I decided to place my faith in them to frill up my wedding venue yayyyyy! Orang kuat, Ili, insisted that I would have never settled for Gurame decorations anyway. Guess she was right ehhh?? HAHAHA.

I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye… a gorgeous wedding at Gurame Restaurant!!!

Okay, I solemnly admit to stalking the web for any weddings held there to have an idea of how mine will look like. And also to source for ideas, what might look nice, what wouldn’t. That sort of nitty gritty thing. One of the many important info I found out is that according to Halil, a resident photographer at TheProjectPixel, the kind of dais with tiang-tiang and kain melayang are a no-go as he had witnessed an entire dias tipping over because of the strong sea wind (gasp. gulp. choke). Point taken,brooo. Plus, my dad has been pushing me to put up a tent in the middle of the lawn area in case it rains (Nov = monsoon season?) so  I’ve been looking around to see whether it’s necessary. And so, this lovely wedding reception caught my attention.

I love the backdrop of the sea, taken at the boardwalk area. Truly unique, seldom to see this in a Malay wedding!


Aaaannnnd FAIRYLIGHTS!!! Arrrghhh, I swear I’m obsessed ngan lampu kecik2 ni. But naiseeee, how??


And the tent looks like a lovely addition to the reception. (better be safe than sorry, nanti hujan susah pulak makcik-makcik)

Photos credits to Kiera Roxanne. The rest of the album can be viewed here.

Sigh, okay back to berangan mode.

Oh my Fairylights


I’m in love with this!! Even though I’m still figuring out the theme/style I want for the reception, I have a feeling I’m inching towards this kind of rustic yet classy setting:


And I want the lights please. Because my reception will be a “late afternoon and creeping onto dusk” affair, I thought that the fairylights could come on in the evening. Who knows, perhaps I’m going to DIY (kalau tak malas) it if the restaurant allows it. Hehe.

Yay or nay?

My Dream Venue

I’m happy to announce that I’ve found the perfect venue to hold my wedding solemnization and reception. And yes, booking’s done and deposit’s been made. I’m pretty much on cloud nine right now!!!

In my previous post about venue, I did mention that I wanted a place where there’s an air-conditioned indoor area and also an outdoor lawn area. And Gurame Restaurant at NSRCC offers me just that!

Basically they have 5 different sections, the indoor area, the verandah (picture below), two cabanas (pondok / hut-like structures), a boardwalk and a spacious lawn in the middle of everything. Plenty of space to run and frolick around yeahhh!


The verandah, which is technically indoors because above the wooden structure is covered by a clear plastic. Loving the carefree vines growing all about!


This is one of the bigger cabanas where the pelamin will be. An in-house decor company (one of the down sides since I don’t get to choose the A++ decor companies like Jentayu / Wedding Chateue/ Alchemy) will be in charge of the decor, but is fully customisable to bride/groom’s taste. Which I personally like, unlike those restaurants like Lagun Sari which have fixed dais/decor.


AAANNNDD my fave area, the boardwalk and the lawn. We’ll have a choice to the solemnization here ala western style (SO TEMPTED) or under the cabana near the dais.

Photo 25-1-13 20 57 20

I couldn’t help but adding in this picture I took from their hardcopy album. One of the decor service they provide, ribbon tiebacks on the trees leading to Gurame Restaruent itself! (This made me weak really *MELTS*)

Gurame Wedding Package Includes:

Banquet by Gurame

Service Staff

Access to All Restaurant Facilities

(incl. Partitioned Prayer Rooms (++), Changing Room (Which I checked out, ada aircon and sofa untuk rest semua. how thoughtful!)

Chiavari Chairs (i srsly don’t get the hype about these chairs tapi dah dapat amik je lah)

Shuttle Service from Tanah Merah (*FAVE)

Decor / Pelamin

Photography Package with THEME Photography (I SUKA NI)

Wedding Cards


Chalet / Hotel Stay (All of which can be exchangeable for other topups)

Personally, I think that this package is amazing and reasonably priced for the items and services you get with it. AND WITH THAT, my wedding venue has been booked!!! Alhamdulillah, another less burden to think about, especially when the package come with decor sekali.

Next up, bridal and videographer! Decisions, decisons…

UPDATE: Any further enquires, please email me directly here at Thank you! 🙂

Much Ado About Wedding Venues

I’ve always had this dream. An outdoor wedding, to be accompanied by lush greenery and colourful flora, serenaded by butterflies with only soft wind for music. Tentages, gazebos, picnic mats, or what have you. Club sandwiches, lemonade drank from whimsically coloured straws and an endless supply of cupcakes. Abit much no? Something along that line at least. Heh.

But in Singapore’s humid and (endless) summer weather, I’ll have relatives complaining of the hot weather, sticky wedding outfits and melanoma (for the hypochondriacs). And not to mention, my dad is not too keen on the idea.

Amidst all the other popular outdoor venues of our sunny island,

Burkhill Hall

L1020704.JPG (640×480)This is too lovely!

Fort Canning

If you’re into the royal theme, this is ala grandeur.

Berlayer Promenade at Labrador Park



For more outdoor locations, visit Outdoor Wedding Venues !

For me, I found the perfect little outdoor retreat that suited my fantasy.

Piai Plaza at Pasir Ris Park, as quoted from NParks webbie, is “surrounded by lush greenery” and has a “beautiful and unique green roof”. Safe to say, it has got a shaded area and also plenty of room to roll around on the greens.

I have to say, the rental is CHEAP. As of now, the rate is $700, including all the electricity and water needs. It is conveniently located near a bus stop (straight bus from Pasir ris MRT), though there’s a fair bit of walking needed to get to the actual venue. And there’s ample parking space (additional parking space available at Downtown East and also the new Sports Complex across the road).

Piai plaza without decor

However, my dad found the issue about elderly relatives (makciks, neneks & mak neneks) having to walk in.
AND get this. The fact that there is no air-conditioning. I mean, isn’t that the point of adopting the “Saving Gaia” notion and all?
Now now, I still hold on to the belief that in order for my future marriage to be blessed, we still have to respect our elders’ decisions and requests. I mean, seriously. I want my “happily ever after”.

And so the quest continues to reach a compromise with the old man.
I was thinking of something along the lines of an indoor yet outdoor reception. A fully air-conditioned hall, yet surrounded by greens where I can set up tentages for guests who prefer the outdoors, separated by a verandah where yours truly and the groom will happily sit. Right smack in the middle. Nyeheh.
Now, we’ll see if this place exists, shall we?

Oh So Fickle

So I went to the Megaexpress wedding exhibition today with Mr. H (aka the Groom) and was like… “I nak tu! Yang tu pun! Tapi eh tak nak, nak tu lah! TUUUU!!”


Fyi, I am in the very beginning stage of this kahwin-kahwin journey, with nothing more than a fixed date and of course the future groom for the whole purpose itself 😉 So I’m still deciding on many  things, most importantly the big FIVE;  bridal, decor, photography, venue and caterer. Fatimah Mohsin? Versari? Chantique? Weddingku???

Any wrong move, you’ll maha regret for the rest of your life.

To make matters worst, the burning “kiasu”-ism innate in me and also every other Singaporean is screaming for the best in the market. Everything want to be better than the rest. Le sigh. On top of that, as we speak (or type for that matter), countless bridezillas are filling up slots of the more prestigious, sought-after vendors in the country. By the second! And it doesn’t help that my D-date is peak season okay! How can I not be stressed out? Why is it so hard to make a decision?

Simply put, we all want our perfect weddings but it is also important to live within our means. Some things I’m reminding myself as I type:

1. Plan your budget. How much you’re willing to (or can) spend. And STICK TO IT. Happily ever after lasts forever, and you’ll need moolahs to maintain that. With this said, it should narrow you down to a smaller group of choices.

2. Know yourself. What is your style, the theme that you want, your “swag” if you will. Bold? Contemporary? Whimsical? Vintage?

3. Match it with the companies that best bring out what you want in your wedding. What is best for others, doesn’t mean it’s best for you. This is the time where you have to stop oogling at other blogs/brides and their choices and make your own decisions on what’s best.

4. It’s not just about you. Consider the opinions of your other half, your parents and his. Their views matter. Trust me, your perfect wedding doesn’t involve you standing alone on the altar.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to take my own advice and make my decisions. Ciao!