Food tasting, errands and more errands

So H, my mom and her bestie accompanied me to Gurame the other day for complimentary food tasting and also for a meeting with the events manager, Keith. My mom couldn’t decide between a few dishes, so in the end we requested to taste 11 different dishes, thinking that they would serve the four of us small samples on platter or something. BUT LOOK WHAT THEY BROUGHT OUT OKAY.

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KUS SEMANGAT, full-sized servings sepenuh-penuh meja!
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The dishes were all so, so good that it was hard to make a selection so we ended up voting hahaha. My mom felt so self-conscious by the onlookers at the next table that she told them, “Jangan salah paham eh dik, ni food tasting. Bukan gelojoh ke apa eh.” MOTHER WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS TO STRANGERS. Hahahahaa so cute. But of course the people of Gurame let us pack the leftovers, which was really kind and generous of them. Even when we first came to meet Keith way back for a non-obligatory meet up to find out more about the venue, our entire dinner was on the house that night. SO BAIK I LIKE. And tak berkira when it comes to food, especially with customers.

Which brings me to the part where I was discussing with Keith about the number of pax for my reception. I told him that my dad’s final number is now 1400 pax (yes, kill me now kalau Gurame tak roboh pun tak tau apa nak cakap), so we would have to top up for the extra 400 pax. Keith told us that based on his experience, there will always be leftover food and he didn’t like wastage. So he told us his chefs would prepare food for 1000 pax first and when the need arises, we can top up accordingly because their kitchen has the capacity to prepare extra food on the spot per every 100 pax. Really sweet of him kan! Mana ada vendor nak suruh customer save duit ni??? Alahaiii.

So we left Gurame with huge smiles plastered across our faces, a.k.a perut kenyang hati senang, but not leaving before we snapped some pictures firsttt. I forgot how calm and peaceful the place was, with abang emo at the corner dengan plastic makanan LOL.

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Since then, I finally managed to clear out some other wedding necessities like favours, for example, which my parents and I have decided on honey yayyyy! We ordered from the friendly Kak Eza of Divine Favorz, who was quick in responding to our bulk order despite the limited time window. I’m pretty set on drawstring favour bags where the honey goes in, but I’m still browsing through various suppliers so will update once that’s set, loves!!!

Since I’m DIY-ing my hantaran trays and getting Mariah & Sham to do up the bunga pahar/sireh dara sekali so all of them can mitchy-matchy with the dias, I’m only left with bunga rampai. I was searching for reasonably priced bunga rampai vendors (because I’m not prepared to pay $5 per cup like how KS charges), when I found these pleasant little things done up by Kiss Kiss Floreale.


(Source: Kiss Kiss Floreale)

How any more precious can they be right? And Nurl the owner is as equally sweet as her flowers so that that made the transaction so much better! She charges $2-2.50 per cup, with delivery btw, so she’s going to personally deliver to mine and H’s house the morning of our solemnisation to keep the flower scent fresh.

And ohhh, since our solemnisation and reception for my side will be on Day 1 and H’s reception on Day 2, we have a total of 5 outfits for both days. We engaged 3 outfits from WKG and I will be tailoring the other 2; nikah outfit and also evening dress for Day 1. Met up with my tailor/designer/fashion student extraordinaire (thanks Nadiah for recommending your friend <3) and was immediately impressed by his crafty hands doing a dress mock-up on a mannequin with the material I brought.

Photo 12-2-14 19 06 32

Can’t wait to see the final product!!!

And I know I’m due to contact photographer/videographer to discuss themes/preferences, musician to set song list, wedding cakestress for cake design etc etc etc, but I JUZ CAN’T. This final semester is killing me really, and I cannot find the time between classes to settle all these things gaaaahhhh.

From One Chubby Bride To Another

There’s no hope for us, really.

All we want to do is look GREAT on our big day. Or at least just BETTER than our usual round, insecure selves. And just when you think you’d finally chosen the right bridal company that can make that happen, be prepared to:

Fork out more money to customise outfits that will truly fit you.

Or, face rejection when you look at rows and rows of gorgeous pieces, but be told, “Oh not that one, doesn’t come in YOUR size. If the groom… he will fit just fine.”

Then once the decision is made to settle for the limited pieces available in your SIZE, you realise that the range is dull compared to the regular-sized section. Why? Because “we don’t want our customers to look larger than they already are, so we make sure our outfits are darker and not too vibrant.” If I wanted a slap on my face, I would’ve asked for it. Thank you.

There are definitely good, sympathetic bridal companies out there. But just not this one. #Loseweight or you’ll #loseout.

Kassim Baba Magic

Guess who’s got little tricks up his sleeve?

Kassim Logs

(Source: Instagram)

Anak Cik Kassim Baba, of course! Back then(macam lama sangat gitu), Kassim Baba provided catering for my engagement, and now his son, who happens to be a good friend of mine, Matiin, has decided to be the successor cum creative event conceptualiser of the team! Mix young blood and a quirky family name to uphold, what do you get? Awesome rustic wooden logs!!! I swear I was impressed when I saw Matiin posted on IG that he was in the process of preparing these logs for a wedding soon that I immediately whatsapped him to ask which fairy godmother gave him those logs:

Photo 24-2-14 6 59 48

Bukan fairy godmother, Bangla rupanya!! Baik ah, best jugak ada kawan resourceful! Jadi I pun boleh jadi resourceful terhadap dia muahahaha. Kasi chance ni BTB ride on sikit ah, pinjam satu log nak buat wedding cake base macam ni!!! YESSAAA HOMAIGOD.

Photo 23-2-14 17 03 42

(Source: Etsy )

And oh, Matiin’s resourcefulness doesn’t just stop there, because I know for a fact that antique thrifting is just about his latest obsession right now! He’s always raving about his latest haul and how he bargained for it. Probably adding on to the family collection ehhh.

Photo 24-2-14 7 33 44Photo 24-2-14 7 33 57

Visit them their Instagram or FB page if you’re curious. Or just to stare at their vintage collection. LIKE ME. Hahaha. Can’t wait to see these little babies being utilised in actual events! 🙂

Kenanga I Love You

Getting my bridesmaids outfits has always been nagging at the back of my mind but somehow never gotten around to do it.  The initial plan was to get them materials of different hues of the same colour so that they can send it to their own tailors because one, this way it’s economically friendly on me haw haw. And two, their outfits wouldn’t all be the uniform, kind of like us at Lily’s wedding:


(Source: AndroidsinBoots)

But procrastinate punya procrastinate, tak sempat beli material lagi and now there’s not much time for tailoring anymore since raya is coming up. It’s more fuss-free for the girls if I just provide them the whole outfit. So I was looking around online for some ideas and saw these pretty pastel-hued dresses on Poplook as part of their wedding series. Was this close to purchasing them when my course mate, Ain, told me of this awesome-sampai-taknak-balik wholesale shopping mall in KL, Kenanga City, where apparently all these online dresses/kurungs/tops/shawls can be found. At more then half the price if you buy them at harga borong (min. 3 pieces). The mall was pretty easy to find via GPS, it’s considered in Bukit Bintang area but not the touristy part. By public metro, the nearest stop is Hang Tuah and the mall is just a stone throw away. We stayed at the Furama Bukit Bintang Hotel, which I believe is the nearest hotel to the mall. Ain’s mom took a cab from Kenanga City back to Furama for only 4rm!

And this place is AMAZE-BALLS you gaiseeeee. It is really an online shopper’s dream because all of it is in front of you. And CHEAP. Luckily, I managed to get to KL in time yesterday before the mall closes for CNY today. It was a mad rush, and it doesn’t help that the selection was so huge! But I managed to find what I think would look best for my girls.

AND. I was in such a good mood, I decided to get them two outfits each for the 6 of them. Because I’m awesome like that. HAHA!! Actually I was thinking about how my solemnization will be in the early afternoon, followed by the reception on my side all the way into the night. So I wouldn’t want to them be in the same outfit the whole day, just in case they get uncomfortable.

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First outfit.

Simple long tie-back chiffon dress. Chose this design because it’s flowy and particularly slimming.

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Second outfit.

Which actually comprises of a separate scallop top and chiffon fit-n’-flare skirt. I like that it comes together as a modern kurung! Or so I’d like to think it is. I got this in two versions, so three of them will have pink top + grey skirt, and the other three black top (the shop ran out of grey tops hurrrr) + pink skirt.

Can’t wait to see my girls in these outfits! Suka tak korang??? Kalau tak suka, pun kena pakai jugak. HAHAHA!!!

As The Big Day Draws Closer…

Cabaran bertambah banyak beb.

It’s really no joke. This is the period where it will make your relationship. Or break it. I’ve heard too many stories of couples breaking up only few weeks or days before their wedding, and now I understand why. All the nerves building up, tempers getting shorter, tolerance gets lower, constantly stepping on each other’s toes. Even the smallest things about your partner can tick you off. And somehow, you’ll even find the littlest of faults with your future in-laws. Old flames from the past will reappear (true story) and misunderstandings will be hard to avoid. Deposits need to be paid, which means the financial strain will definitely add to the heat. Then, just like that you realise that you are with the wrong person and you can’t even look at him anymore.


Don’t give in.

Don’t take the easy way out to let off steam on your loved ones.

Don’t succumb to these little challenges arranged by God and executed by the devil to sway you from something as pure as marriage.



Breathe. Sabar. Reflect. Do’a. Pray. And meet each other less often.

Funny enough, this age old pantang not to meet your partner at least a month before your wedding does hold its benefits and truth. Meeting less means you’d irritate each other less, argue less, pick on each other less. Lesser expectations, lesser shoes to fill.

Rindu? Memang gila babs punya. But at least the heart grows fonder. Kasi chance climax lah sikit ah. Baru boleh menjeling-menjeling atas pelamin kan kan??

Me & H will abstain from meeting each other soon. Wish us all the determination and perseverance in the world not to come running towards each other because Tampines and Pasir Ris is too god damn close okay!!! HAHAHA.

ROMM, Bridesmaids’ Trip and Other Risky Business

So I have to admit, my holidays were pretty fruitful. Managed to clear the 97529432 things on the wedding checklist, including applying for our marriage on the ROMM website and going for the interview. Apart from the early morning drama where H punya bike couldn’t start and me and my dad couldn’t get a queue number till he arrived, I’m glad that everything else went smoothly! The receptionist was nice, he squeezed us into the last, last slot because H arrived exactly at 11.3o a.m. and by right, the last interview should end at that time before commencing again at 2 p.m. After verifying our documents (after which any changes to wali/wakil/venue will incur costs), we met the kadi in-charge one-by-one for a fuss-free interview. Now I have heard stories about this, a friend’s colleague who had to recite the Al-Fatihah, but was so daunted by the kadi she couldn’t even recall it, my own dad was also asked to list the rukun-rukun Nikah during his time. But other than the routine verifying of documents and angkat sumpah (that all the information are true), the only queer question he asked was:

Kadi: Awak ada tunang dengan orang lain?

Me: Hmmm huh? Sekarang eh?

Kadi: Sekarang, dulu. Tak kisah lah bila.

Me: Erm sekarang yang kat luar tu. Sorang sehaja.

Kadi: Okay bagus.

ERM OKAY WHAAAAT?? I don’t get what he was trying to get at, was it whether I was engaged to anyone else before this, or was I engaged to anyone else apart from H (???). Then my dad boleh layankan, because “perempuan tak boleh kahwin lebih dari satu. agaknya dia tengah check kalau you ada tunang lain.” HAHA boleh ke gitu. Don’t worry lah tok, satu je dah tak terlayan hahaha.

So H choose Ustaz Suhaimi for our kadi, who happens to be the imam for Al-Istighfar Mosque and was also Lily’s kadi during her nikah. I remembered him as firm and impactful. How he looked Syafiq in the eye and told him to take care of Lily, how he addressed Lily personally from across the room to be a good wife to Syafiq. I just found him so real, not just reading from a script like most kadis do.

575281_3170129013185_1804260971_nUstaz Suhaimi at Lily & Syafiq’s solemnisation

(Don’t mind my kaypo face sticking out from the corner hahaha)

Another awesome thing happened over the holiday, and that is my bridesmaids’ trip to Phuket! Which by the way the last trip with friends before the wedding! So I wouldn’t choose any other way to spend it if not with my lovely sayangs, Umairah, Ili & Aisyah (yes, bestie and I have the same name!!)

Water rafting

FYI, these smiles did not last long. Because it was clearly not a beginner’s rapids. (Taken at the Song Phraek River, near Phang Nga province)

And I got to try of these babies.


AWESOME KE PE. Okay sorry jakon. Wahahaha. (Taken at Patong Beach)

I love how the trip got us even closer together. In our free time, like while waiting for our turn for water activities, they would force my procrastinating arse down to talk about boring (but necessary) stuff like the wedding itinerary, helped foresee certain hiccups so that we could remedy them from now and we’d even talk about their favourite bridesmaid dress designs. Oh and somehow, we took turns falling sick on the trip. Dizzy spells, stomach cramps and some of us even took a fall or two. HAHA. But importantly, we were all there to take care of each other and never left anyone behind for any reason. That’s why I know I’m in safe hands with these girls. I can always count on them when the big day comes, and even years to come. Sayang korangs!

Maya bay

(Taken at Maya Bay)

In other business, H and I have started renovating our my room! We are done with Phase 1 and are in the middle of Phase 2 of our room plan!

Phase 1: Take down all existing built-in cupboards and wardrobe. Install new wardrobe and window seat storage.

YES WINDOW SEAT!! This I’m super excited about. I’ve always loved those rooms where you can lounge on the window seat, look out the window or just read a book. Plus, Cik Hussein, a.k.a owner of San Heusen Interior Design Enterprise (he can be contacted at 83583090) designed it in a way that it doubles as storage. Awesome kan! A tiny sneak peak…

Photo 19-1-14 19 48 58

This was before the doors and cushions were installed! Btw the streaks of paint on the wall is where my previous built in study table, cupboard was.

Phase 2: Paint existing chest of drawers to white. Paint walls to …. haven’t decided!

So we painted the wooden chest white so it can easily blend into our room no matter what the wall colour will be. H used an oil based paint, based on the recommendations of the shopkeeper. The chest did not have a layer of varnish, so H didn’t have to sand paper the top. But you do if your furniture has varnish over it, if not the paint will not settle. So yeah, I’m only left with wall colour leh. What looks good with white (cupboard, chest, window seat) and grey (bed frame) ehh hmmmmm.

Phase 3: Get other necessities like mirror, bedside table, linens and black-out curtains (because H works night shifts and needs to sleep during the day).

Plan to stalk for 1000 thread count bedsheets, they’re on average around $80 per set. Cheap!

On another note, school has started and Week 1 just passed. Which means. 15 weeks to the big day. Can someone tell me where all that time went??? Argghhhhh. Need. More. Time.