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Stretching the Holidays

Exams just ended, and that means loads of extra time to do up wedding stuffs yaww! I think some full time student brides and also Raudhah would share my sentiment, how it’s almost impossible to achieve any concrete wedding planning during the semester and so when it comes to the holidays, we really have to make full use of the time we have. And eff yeahhh I have around three months to do that yo! At least till the semester starts in late July.

And because my wedding is directly after my final exams, that means I only have the current semester break and another 1 month break in December to settle any major tasks and errands, leaving only the mandatory and unavoidable meet ups with the vendors and fittings to during my last semester. This also means that all the DIY projects I plan (berangan) to do should be done nowww. That brings me to this.

DIY Project List for May – July holidays:

  • Handmade flower bouquet – Angan-angan nak hand-sew all the flowers but tengok lah mana jadinya
  • Matching bridemaids bouquet – Ni kalau rajin ehh
  • Hantaran / gift trays – Finally I get to DIY my own trays! And H said if I have time I could work on his too. Nyehehehe.
  • Bridal room decor ideas – Okay this is highly ambitious hahahahaaa but let’s hope it happens!
  • Invitation cards – I’m not going to be crazy and design my own card. I’ll leave that to professionals and purchase the design online. Only after that, I’ll do my own printing at a local printing shop and DIY the envelopes. I’ve set my eyes on the inspiration of doily paper envelopes but we’ll see!


Simple and classic. So excited to start on these! So far I’m working on the invitation cards first because I’ve recently gotten the information I needed from Gurame regarding the shuttle bus pick up points and timings etc so better start on it whilst the info is fresh la kan. Plus I’m in the process of crafting the map of Gurame that will be on the card and I swear it’s fun stuff to do!! Will craft a tutorial post soooon!