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I’m back!

Hello! After an eventful two months, I’m back with vengeance and armed with truckloads of updates!! But to keep the suspense going, I shall stagger my updates muahahaa just for the fun of it. Slowly lahhh, I have to find a way to maintain readers’ interest, yes? Hehe. Anyhoos, the past two months have been so fast-paced that I seriously have no idea where my term break went and now I’m left with less than three weeks till school starts pffffft. Apart from having gone through wisdom tooth surgery and painfully learning after 22 years that I’m allergic to a strand of Penicillin through a trip to the A&E, the wanderlust in me was screaming to travel during this last long stretch of holidays before the wedding that somehow I managed to fit in four different countries into my travel itinerary. Lepaskan geram babe, next year dah kena kahwin.

I feel so blessed to have been able to immerse myself into the culture and sights of Japan, Melbourne, Bintan and Sabah; from staying in an authentic Japanese capsule hotel, visiting cat cafes, experiencing snow, then autumn consecutively, scouring through eccentric vintage markets in Melbourne city, while enjoying the beautiful coastline on other days, relaxing on powder white beaches and clear waters of Bintan, and embarking on land and sea adventures in Sabah.


Semangat kan prepare collage semua? Hahaha. Layankan je lahhhh.

BUT I’ve been diligent enough to some squeeze wedding-related errands in between these trips so as to not let my term break go to waste. Though most brides and grooms only do this a few months before their wedding, I’m happy to say that we’re almost done with purchasing all our dulang / gift tray items yayyy!! We made full use of the GSS in June and also Bazaar Ramadhan to get the telekung, sejadah, songkok, and matching traditional outfits to be placed on the dulang. ANDDDD I’m done DIY-ing the gift trays which is a huge accomplishment for me, considering how I’m doing them for both me and H (but the lovely fiance is paying me to do it so who’s complaining weeee). I’ll craft a detailed post regarding our wedding gifts trays soon, but before that, I thought it’d be interesting to know a general overview on what kind of budget couples usually set aside for wedding gifts, and since it isn’t mandatory, I’d be expecting a wide range of amounts. Poll away!