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Looking back on #aisyahxhelmi.


(Image captured by Zakaria Zainal)

It’s been past a week after our wedding, but I’m missing every single moment of it. Planning this wedding has been crazy, but I learnt that no matter how hard I try to stick to THE PLAN, the more things would go the opposite way. So with H’s love and guidance, I learnt to let go and had so much fun during the best weekend of my life. Here are some moments captured by my loved ones:

10310610_10152450374679612_52080864897001678_nWhite and blue for Nikah.

10289849_10152450388179612_2537136435585011555_nHeading to the dais area, a beautiful tentage, a last minute addition to the overall decoration. Props to Mariah and Sham for the swift response to this request!




10305056_10152450398114612_2498842265553707090_nI was so glad to have my mom surprise me outside the changing room, ready to hold my hand and accompany me on the dais :’)



10264293_10152450391204612_8309259821754896659_nMy sayangs in their lovely dresses bought here.


10313057_10152450406724612_7098617380832816537_nKurang asam, orang tengah feeling-feeling. HAHAHA.

10173757_10152450407504612_7024068937997090071_nThat moment, when it finally sunk it that I was now H’s wife.






(Credits and special thanks to Ridwan for these pictures!)

And not forgetting the awesome people of One Eye Click Live and Suzy the photobooth for these GORGEOUS PICTURES OF MY GUESTS!

10273917_659898874064374_8509432379960751446_nSempat mak/bapak pengantin ehh!!



10298779_659906194063642_7079472276583860209_nPatut lah carik-carik korang takda, kat sini rupanya. HAHAHAHAA.

10246741_659903447397250_8233849245573394670_nSuka, main-main ngan photobooth??? Next up, MOH’s wedding in June! Nyaaaaaah!


10173810_659910390729889_5098336734533037023_nHappy to see lots of familiar faces! 🙂




And lastly, some teaser pictures provided by ze photographer, Zakaria Zainal!



aisyah-helmi-preview-6Till further updates! Much love, xoxo.

The Photobooth Scene

Guests love to feel as if they’re attending a gala premiere (when in fact it’s your wedding but it’s not much different ey?). Upon arrival, they get to stand in the limelight and their pictures taken, while everybody else looks at them in awe. That, I find, is the ultimate thrill of photobooths. For memories’ sake or guestbook purposes aside, your guests stand a chance to flaunt their outfits and feel special, hence enjoying your wedding even more 🙂

Currently in the local market, there are a few types of photobooth services and companies that differ depending on one’s needs, style and budget. For those yang angan-angan nak DIY, photobooth backgrounds and props are fun to make, but there’s always the technical issue between the camera and photo printer, and how fast and reliable can it produce instant pictures, considering the usual crowd in Malay weddings. Then again, there’s always the trusty webcam! Cute kan amik gambar sendiri!


(Source: Offbeat Bride)

Anyhoos if you’re UN-technologically savvy like me, then our best bet would always be hiring someone to do this for us. At a cost. These services can average at about $800; I’ve seen some that can reach as low as $300 while the more expensive ones can reach a whooping $2000, tu pun kalau sanggup ahhhh.

For me, the idea of a booth has always appealed to me ever since zaman neoprint machine where me and my secondary school besties would spend all our money on. Nostalgic okayyyy! I absolutely adored how we could pose for our own pictures and control our own shots. That way we could be as wild and tak malu all we want, without any photographer to judge our cray-crayness. I could also recall how exciting it was to anticipate how our neoprints would look like after it was being processed by the machine. Hahahaha satu-satu muka tak tau sabar. So ever since I knew of the existence of such booths in the local scene, apa lagi, I terus jump the wagon and started enquiring.

And I instantly fell in love with Suzie. And Lexie. I can’t decide lah actually, coz they’re both too awesome please!








(Source: One Eye Click Live)

How gorgeous!!! I suka sangat sangat how the pictures turn out so bright and clear, and somehow everyone looks like a superstar. By the way if you’re wondering siapa lah ni dua dara Suzie ngan Lexie, they’re actually the photobooth machines belonging to the awesome people of One Eye Click Live; especially Justin, who has always been eagerly replying my enquiries from day one. He was literally never more than a day late in his replies, so A ++ for customer service!

According to their website, they describe Suzie as:

A fully automated machine that shoots and prints by herself! She is elegant and compact. Constructed for convenience, she is the all-in-one, bring it anywhere, place-it-anywhere and print-anywhere robot photographer. It’s also completely self-contained, fun looking and portable.

She can work anywhere – in the garden, in the ballroom, in a restaurant. You may use our tastefully selected range of backdrops, or have us personalise one for you, complementing the theme of your event! 🙂 Like a mirror reflecting the best of you, coupled with snazzy moments and trigger-happy funshots where you do not even need to lift a finger to push the camera trigger, you get the best quality results no less than what professional photography can deliver.

How. cool. is. that! Plus, the unlimited pictures that the guests get to take back turn out to be those classic film strips that allow four poses, like those vintage mak salleh photobooths, minus that little bit of customisation on every strip.



Did I say how much I love these little things??

Okay, I have to stop fan-girling over this hehhhhhh. If it weren’t for my favourite Aunt and cousins from Aussie who are sponsoring for my photobooth, there was no way I could afford Suzie/Lexie. Before this, whenever I read about BTBs who had uncles and aunts sponsoring for music/cake etc, I’ve always thought they were so lucky to have extended family that was so supportive, and I didn’t think that I had any that would be willing to go that far for little ol’ me. So when my cousin passed me that suspicious white envelope and told me to get, and I qoute, “the best photobooth out there”, I was so touched :’) Tak sangka sey. Thanks Mak Teh and Khaaaaad! Love you to bits ❤