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Photobook Cinta

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When I saw this deal a few weeks after my engagement, I just KNEW I had to have it. My mom and grandma had been bugging me to print 4r photos of the engagement and store it in a slot-in album so that they can take it out and show to relatives whenever they come over. But let’s face it, who does that anymore? A piece of 4r photo costs around what, 20 cents? Printing 200 pieces would amount to a good $40, and that’s without the album. Also, photos fade after a while, and don’t even get me started on how they stick to the plastic sheet of albums in an unsightly way. The older generations love their 4rs, but then again they didn’t have other options la kannn.  But WE do.

Photobooks are different in a sense that the pictures are actually printed onto the pages, like in a magazine, and the paper used is usually of a better quality so there are less chances of fading or the ink running (unless of course if water gets on the pages). But the best thing about them is they are fully customisable, so there are no restrictions on how many pictures goes into a photobook! Some pictures may be scaled up for emphasis, while for other pictures, you can fit as many of them in a page as you like (asalkan senonoh sudah ah). So I was reallyyyy happy when I got the deal because photobook printing is the market spans about $70 – 80 for a 60 page photobook in the same size, but I got mine for under $30!

So after spending days customising the photobook and arranging the photos around on a downloadable software in the comfort of my home, the next step was to just upload the whole file and wait. One downside was the delivery took around a month and truthfully, I was expecting a cheap quality book. But I got what was promised, when I monstrously tore open the DHL package, and in that jakon moment, I was looking at my very first photobook. The company, Impressions SG took the effort to slip wax paper in between the pages to protect them during delivery and the photobook was carefully wrapped, siap dengan DHL delivery boy skali. Macam mana tak excited!

Photo 21-5-13 11 28 43 Photo 21-5-13 11 28 52

Matte hardcover! And I didn’t want the photobook to look too “kahwin-kahwin” so I separated H and I’s picture this way to keep the “halal” distance. Amaciam works tak?? Hahahaa.

Photo 21-5-13 11 44 07

I love how I could design the layout of the pages on my own and choose however many pictures I want in each page!

 Photo 21-5-13 11 31 07 Photo 21-5-13 11 42 32

And surprisingly, the software was really easy to use. You can create your own collage structure and just drag the pictures into the blank boxes.

Photo 21-5-13 11 33 40 Photo 21-5-13 11 38 32

Overall, super duper happy with the purchase, especially the elders who prefer hard copy pictures no matter what. Nenek even said, “Nak panggil Nek Anjang, Nek Hitam semua datang tengok ni.” SUKA NAK TUNJUK ORANG. Hahahaa.


And so cute okay when Nenek got all excited whenever she sees her picture in any of the pages! Sayang Nenek muaaaaaacks.