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Oh So Fickle

So I went to the Megaexpress wedding exhibition today with Mr. H (aka the Groom) and was like… “I nak tu! Yang tu pun! Tapi eh tak nak, nak tu lah! TUUUU!!”


Fyi, I am in the very beginning stage of this kahwin-kahwin journey, with nothing more than a fixed date and of course the future groom for the whole purpose itself 😉 So I’m still deciding on many  things, most importantly the big FIVE;  bridal, decor, photography, venue and caterer. Fatimah Mohsin? Versari? Chantique? Weddingku???

Any wrong move, you’ll maha regret for the rest of your life.

To make matters worst, the burning “kiasu”-ism innate in me and also every other Singaporean is screaming for the best in the market. Everything want to be better than the rest. Le sigh. On top of that, as we speak (or type for that matter), countless bridezillas are filling up slots of the more prestigious, sought-after vendors in the country. By the second! And it doesn’t help that my D-date is peak season okay! How can I not be stressed out? Why is it so hard to make a decision?

Simply put, we all want our perfect weddings but it is also important to live within our means. Some things I’m reminding myself as I type:

1. Plan your budget. How much you’re willing to (or can) spend. And STICK TO IT. Happily ever after lasts forever, and you’ll need moolahs to maintain that. With this said, it should narrow you down to a smaller group of choices.

2. Know yourself. What is your style, the theme that you want, your “swag” if you will. Bold? Contemporary? Whimsical? Vintage?

3. Match it with the companies that best bring out what you want in your wedding. What is best for others, doesn’t mean it’s best for you. This is the time where you have to stop oogling at other blogs/brides and their choices and make your own decisions on what’s best.

4. It’s not just about you. Consider the opinions of your other half, your parents and his. Their views matter. Trust me, your perfect wedding doesn’t involve you standing alone on the altar.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to take my own advice and make my decisions. Ciao!