The Nest

HDB Application Update: 4th try Failed yet again.

House Status: None


  1. Naddz

    babe..i feel your pain…so far the last 1 we got queue position 655!! Outta 400 flats. Like urgh. Hopefully this time yields a better result. Are you trying out this bto?

  2. Naddz

    yeah, this punggol is pretty cool(near popeyes lol!) cos tamps and pasir ris r just too ex. But I saw jurong west has 1 next month so Im kinda hoping this application fails lol!

    • isyaemika

      we applied mostly tamp, pasir ris and of course our ballot numbers were always huge! both of our parents are here, and he works at the airport so our preference will still be our hometowns 😦

  3. Naddz

    hang in there babe.keep trying,heard that Tamps may have more bto cmin up near the sunplaza park area(the hutan hutan ones) so Insya Allah once that is released you have a chance.Have heard of peeps getting numbers below 10. mcm shiok 😦 For me asalkan dapat and don’t drain my cpf Im happy. Plan to rent out the rooms cos come 2016 I’ll be a minah malaysia lol.

    • isyaemika

      oh no wonder you don’t mind Jurong place! but there’s the HDB policy where you can’t rent out your place if you havent owned it for at least years right..?

  4. Naddz

    hehe, super near to tuas so but my tunang likes punggol and I like popeyes so this BTO is perfect keke. Yeah but acc to my cuzzie can lock up 1 room(master) and rent out the other rooms. Can still get some moolah..

  5. the wedding kraken

    jiayou babe! I think st 72 (near the bike park) may have another one coming up. or you could get resale – with the 40k grant (if I’m not wrong) if you stay near your parents, it might be a nubbad deal!

    • isyaemika

      another BTO project soon eh? i’ll keep my eyes out for that babe! me and H against resale coz we want a new house 😦

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