The Wedding Checklist

The countdown towards 3rd and 4th May 2014!

June 2013

Book photobooth vendor

Book Wedding Preparation course with Suchi Success for October

Buy wedding gifts – Aisyah’s handbag, Shoes and Sejadah for both, Telekung for Aisyah, Songkok for Helmi, Baju Melayu and samping for Helmi. (Left with Helmi’s watch, wallet and belt set, Aisyah’s baju kurung/kebaya)

July 2013

DIY 1st stage of wedding trays for both Aisyah and Helmi – Wrap the base and prepare flowers etc.

DIY bunga pahar

August 2013

Choose wedding card design on Etsy, and purchase

Finalise details on card, map, directions

Send for printing

September 2013

When M’sian Aunt comes over for cousin’s wedding, ask her about Malay traditional customs like Malam Berinai, Siraman, Adat Merenjis on pelamin, difference between Bunga Pahar and Bunga Rampai, and Sirih Dara.

October 2013

Spring clean Aisyah’s room.

Mini renovation for Aisyah’s room (future Helmi & Aisyah’s room) : Remove old built in wardrobes and install new ones. Paint walls.

Source for vendors selling cake berkat (Mum’s preference for fancier looking ones with flowers, not just plain ones)

**6 months before wedding:

November 2013

Confirm wakils and get their ICs.

Confirm with Helmi which Tok Kadi he prefers (the same Kadi that married his parents. what a sentimental boy :))

Register marriage / book Tok Kadi on ROMM website

ROMM interview

December 2013

Book wedding cake.

Europe trip with parents (last one with them as a single).

Buy Helmi’s watch in Europe.

Finalise honeymoon details and start booking.

January 2013

Helmi & Aisyah’s room/bridal room project:

  • paint existing chest of drawers and study table white
  • source for curtains for bridal decor

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